“Sometimes, you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory…” – Dr. Seuss

Yesterday, Jaren watched his very first movie – Minions!  This was Noelle’s second movie… her first one was Frozen when she was about Jaren’s age at 2.5 years old.  We went with Luke & Jude, Uncle Tae & Auntie Amy, Aaron, another Uncle Tae & an Auntie Hana, Nathan & Nolan, Uncle Terry & Auntie Carol, and Uncle Mike.  We took up an entire row.  It was a really HOT day, even at 9:30 am… so thank goodness for air conditioned relief in the theaters!

Didn’t get to take many pictures because we got to the theater just when the lights were going out… but I did capture something because it wouldn’t be me otherwise. 😛


Noelle is smiling on the inside (just didn’t want her pic taken)

Noelle was able to sit through the whole thing, and Jaren stayed most of the time, but got restless towards the last 20 minutes.  Exactly how Noelle was at her first movie!

Afterwards, we grabbed lunch at Corner Bakery… fun times!


Spooktacular at The OC Great Park


Spooktacular is an event hosted by the OC Great Park that features games, food trucks, treats, crafts/activities, and free pumpkins for the kids.  We went last year and it was a lot of fun, so decided to invite some friends to join us again.  Last year was their first year doing something like this – they had it all in one day and there was no registration so the event was packed.  They got smarter this year, and required pre-registration through their website, and carved out the event into 4 different weekends in October (you can only register for one).  Spooktacular is free, but you do have to bring 5 cans per kid if you want them to participate in the free pumpkin picking and trick-or-treating.  Totally worth it.


All dressed up and ready to go!

2014-10-11 08.27.39

But first, the tiger mom in me made her do her homework before we could go


She’s so proud of her work!

2014-10-11 09.38.06

BFF’s showing off their costumes!

2014-10-11 09.38.21

Hugs for all (and a bystander Olaf)

2014-10-11 09.46.54

Oh you know… being their usual (weird) selves

2014-10-11 09.47.00

2014-10-11 09.46.20-1

2014-10-11 09.40.57-2

It’s Queen Elsa and Olaf!


Family ❤

 2014-10-11 10.17.46-1

My wild child

2014-10-11 10.17.46-2

2014-10-11 10.17.47

2014-10-11 10.34.47

Showing off all their goodies!

2014-10-11 10.34.45

2014-10-11 10.35.56

2014-10-11 10.48.16

Nearly impossible trying to get all these kids to take a pic together – Jude is in a world of his own – front and center!

2014-10-11 11.00.01

There was even a petting zoo

2014-10-11 11.00.59

2014-10-11 11.12.03

So many pumpkins to choose from

2014-10-11 11.16.56

I think I like that one, daddy!


Then we ended the night with dinner and drinks at The Huynh’s!

~  T H E  E N D  ~

The Global Village Festival and Pumpkin Patch

Every year, the city of Irvine holds a Global Village Festival where a ton of vendors from all over Irvine set up shop and sell their goods or food to the residents of Irvine.  They also have bounce houses set up and live entertainment in the form of dancers, martial arts, and the like up on a stage.  It is a HUGE event.  It felt like practically every local restaurant was represented there.

2014-09-27 10.23.19

This is just one part of it – all the white tents are different vendors.  We got there early so it wasn’t too crowded yet.

2014-09-27 10.39.41

Bounce houses for the kids!

2014-09-27 11.44.45

We got the kids an agua fresca to share – it was a warm day!

2014-09-27 11.44.57

Here you go, Jaren!

2014-09-27 11.45.03

Yummy in my tummy (Noelle says this all the time whenever she loves something)

2014-09-27 11.48.28

They got free hats from the nice fireman!

2014-09-27 11.49.39

Check out their matching hats (and facial expressions)!

2014-09-27 11.50.08

I want more please!

2014-09-27 11.50.12

Ok, here you go!  But don’t drink all of it, ok?

After the festival, we went home for our afternoon naps.  Then we headed back out again to meet The Huynh’s at the Tanaka Farms pumpkin patch!  We go to the pumpkin patch every year, so this has become one of our must do family traditions!

2014-09-27 16.07.15

2014-09-27 15.56.51 2014-09-27 15.57.20

2014-09-27 15.44.45 2014-09-27 15.49.36

We got free tractor rides because we went on opening weekend!

2014-09-27 16.33.19

They loved exploring the patch!

2014-09-27 16.19.57-1

And riding these RV’s around the hay maze

2014-09-27 16.27.59

And climbing the pumpkin mountain!

2014-09-27 16.28.02

Noelle and Selah were so sweet together 🙂

 2014-09-27 16.31.11


Daddy’s girls

2014-09-27 16.34.30-1

Can’t forget about this lil’ guy~

2014-09-27 16.40.43

I could not open my eyes with the glaring sun in my face!  So flattering…

Then we went back to Donna and Sab’s for some of Donna’s delicious home cooking!

2014-09-27 19.13.39-1

We also helped the girls make some pumpkin muffins!

2014-09-27 20.04.36

And Jaren is just…

2014-09-27 20.04.38

…doing his own thing again…

2014-09-27 20.25.19

Caught the girls having a tea party!

2014-09-27 20.25.37-2

And it was just about the cutest thing ever!  Selah told me to wait before I snapped a pic because she wanted to take out her fan!

2014-09-27 20.34.59

Noelle’s dress is on backwards… but I don’t think she knows that 😉

This was one of the best weekends we’ve had all year!  It was a jam-packed day, but we managed to squeeze in a 2-3 hour nap too, so it was actually a perfect balance.

~  T H E  E N D  ~

Personalities and Playdates

Noelle’s favorite, frequent playmates.  Both boys.  Uh-oh?

Meet Baby Nathan (10-months) and Baby Luke (7-months)

When they were younger, all three were sleeping, eating, or crying blobs… but now our playdates are getting a lot more fun.  It’s not just for us mommies anymore!  They actually play together (sort of).  Nathan and Luke are still in the play side-by-side stage, but since Noelle is a couple months older she is more aware of other babies now.

I noticed that Noelle is very gentle when she plays.  She doesn’t fight over toys or climb over the other kids, and when I say “share” she understands and hands her toys over willingly.  She’s actually pretty obedient in general.  That makes me a really proud mama.  She was totally acting the part of the older sister around these two boys!

As for N’s personality – S and I have been very aware of her natural tendencies since Day One.  I am now an even firmer believer that personalities are largely predetermined, though nurture does play a part in teaching us how to control our behaviors.

So what is N like?  Well… in a nutshell, she’s a girl who knows what she wants.  I am hopeful that that will be an incredible asset in the future.  She is focused, determined, persistent, stubborn, impatient, silly, gentle, curious, and introspective.  She is spirited.  She is intelligent.  She is loving.  She is so very feminine.

Her public face is very different from her private one.

With us, she smiles/laughs a lot and does a lot of goofy things.  Shouldn’t surprise me since both me and S are silly people.  She babbles a lot and points at everything.  She is so incredibly aware of her surroundings and wants to know what everything is and how they work.  At the same time, she is hesitant when it comes to approaching the unknown.  I see that she will grow to be a careful/cautious little girl (so different from her mama); I am already grateful for this quality because I hope she makes wiser decisions than me.

But the moment she’s around strangers, she shuts up.  She is silent – so quiet and serious and does not warm up to new people easily.  She starts sucking on her two middle fingers and begins the quick retreat into her own internal world.  She stares and stares and I wonder what goes through that baby mind of hers.

I love this picture because Nathan’s mom and I always joke around that our kiddos are “saved” for each other.  They’ve been “betrothed” since they were still in the womb.  Nathan + Noelle… doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?  Here he is already on his knees.  Noelle is paying him no mind.  That’s how it should be little girl… 😉