“Sometimes, you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory…” – Dr. Seuss

Yesterday, Jaren watched his very first movie – Minions!  This was Noelle’s second movie… her first one was Frozen when she was about Jaren’s age at 2.5 years old.  We went with Luke & Jude, Uncle Tae & Auntie Amy, Aaron, another Uncle Tae & an Auntie Hana, Nathan & Nolan, Uncle Terry & Auntie Carol, and Uncle Mike.  We took up an entire row.  It was a really HOT day, even at 9:30 am… so thank goodness for air conditioned relief in the theaters!

Didn’t get to take many pictures because we got to the theater just when the lights were going out… but I did capture something because it wouldn’t be me otherwise. 😛


Noelle is smiling on the inside (just didn’t want her pic taken)

Noelle was able to sit through the whole thing, and Jaren stayed most of the time, but got restless towards the last 20 minutes.  Exactly how Noelle was at her first movie!

Afterwards, we grabbed lunch at Corner Bakery… fun times!


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