Family Fun at Legoland!

We went to Legoland for the first time today, and the kids had a blast!  Even I’ve never been to Legoland, and I was born and bred in SoCal.  It seems so much better for the younger kid set (I’d say from ages 2-7) than Disneyland.  We are debating whether we should get an annual pass or not.  We know for sure Disneyland would not be worth it for us right now, but Legoland seems more reasonable and Jaren is still free for the next year.

This is what our day looked like:

We got there around 9:45 am (they opened at 9 am), rode a couple rides, let the kids play at the playground, then left around noon to pick up some beer (wild guess who it’s for!).


I waited in the play area with the kids, while Sam stood in line

Legoland is so smart to have a side play area for the kids while the parents wait in line.  Not all rides have this option, but a lot of them do.  The wait for rides were about 30-40 minutes on average on a Saturday.

photo 3-3

Noelle sat with Sam for all the rides, while I sat with Jaren.  Divide and conquer!



photo 2

All the decorations there were made out of Legos!  Wish I had that kind of Lego talent.

photo 1-2

It was so sweet how the kids wanted to hold hands everywhere.  They really do make such a great pair.


While waiting in line, Noelle said, “Let’s hug each other, Jaren!”

photo 1-4

The only family pic we took!  A selfie stick would’ve come in handy for sure~


More lego art

Then, there is also a huge separate Lego-themed playground called “Duplo Playtown” that my kids spent a couple hours in before going on more rides.  There are just toys and play areas and playgrounds all over the park to give parents and kids a break from the monotonous line-waiting.

photo 2-4

It was nice to have a playground cuz we were able to just sit back and watch the kids play.  No stressing over long lines or wrangling restless kids.  They were able to burn off some energy too.


Letting loose with some water fun – bring an extra change of clothes for all the water play!

After the playground, we left Legoland for a bit.  This was perfect because the brewery we needed to go to was about 40 minutes out, so we thought it would be a good time for the kids to take a car nap.  Good thing our plan worked!  Both kids took about an hour nap, which was enough to carry them through til bedtime.  When they woke up, we stopped by McDonald’s for a late lunch.

We got back to Legoland around 2:30 pm, and stayed until 5 pm (it closed at 6 pm that day)!  Of course the first place they wanted to go back to was the playground…


Whee!  Too much fun at the playground!

There was even a mini train ride in the playground, so of course Jaren wanted to ride it!  He’s in love with all things that move these days… so interesting how he’s naturally gravitated towards trucks, trains, and cars whereas Noelle naturally loves pink, glitter, and princesses.

photo 1-5

Jaren and I on the train!  He kept waving hi and bye to everybody he passed.


Pics with each of my babies

We eventually managed to convince them to leave the playground, and ride some more rides!…

photo 4-2

Sam trying to keep Jaren entertained on his shoulders.  This lil fella was SOO restless in line.

photo 1-6


Leaving on a jetplane – this ride is like the Dumbo ride at Disneyland.  There’s a lever you can use to go up and down.


These types of lego stations were everywhere!  Such a great idea – wish Disneyland had something like this!

photo 5-3

Our final ride of the night!  Noelle is saying, “When I go like this (stick out hands) you have to go AHHHH! – Ok Mommy?” – she’s such a silly billy.

We had such a great time at Legoland, and didn’t even get through a lot of the rides.  As long as your child is at least 54″ there is plenty for them to do there, and even more if they are 56″!  Luckily for us, Jaren just managed to hit the 54″ height limit.  The upside of having kids in the upper percentiles~



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