Brain Dump Time. Poor Neglected Blog.

Wow has this blog been neglected!  Time is getting away from us and we’re already in September, which is easily the nastiest, hottest time of year now – yuck yuck it was 100 degrees out today, and will be this way all week!  No relief, even at night.  We went on a little family walk after dinner, and it was still super humid and hot even though the sun had already set.  Yuck.  California really could use some rain.  Rain rain come our way, we pray you’ll stay, and bring joy to our day!  I just made that up. 😉  Ok I’m a dork.  Anyway… let’s just brain dump a few things that have been on my mind.

– Ever since Jaren turned 18 months its like a turning point hit and the kids have been extra delicious and fun together!  They are really good buddies and I love seeing them interact.  I think it’s just going to get better and better from here on out.  He also seemed to have a huge language explosion.  I should really write an 18 or 19 month update on him, but yeaaa those have fallen to the wayside lately.  Anyway, I’ve lost count of his words because he seems to be able to say several new words each day.  I dunno… maybe he’s up to 50 words?  To think I was ever worried that he only had 4-5 words at the one year mark!

–  Noelle is also the sweetest these days.  Oh my my my I love her so much.  The closer she gets to 4, the more independent and endearing and sweet she gets.  I get so sad when I think about her heading off to Kindergarten (I don’t even know why I’m thinking about this right now!  But actually, I’ve already thought about them leaving the nest so yeaaa… I’m crazy right?).  It really is true what they say though, “The days are long, but the years go fast”… I can’t believe I’ve been a mom for almost 4 years.

– Been talking about creating a living trust for our kids.  Just thinking about this type of stuff is so overwhelming, and a little morbid.  Need to do some more research.  Hope we live long and healthy lives.

– Picked up yoga again… love it.  Obsessed with it.  Wish I had time to do it every day.  The stretches and poses make this creaky, kid-battered body feel alive again.

– Really want to go on a family vacay soon – maybe next year when the kids are 4 and 2… speaking of, I can’t believe I’m going to be the mother of a 4 and 2 year old.  Really?!  Most of our friends haven’t even started building their families yet.  I feel old, but not old, at the same time.

– Debating if we should save up for Disneyland passes for next year.  Decisions decisions.

– Been reading a lot of good books this year.  Discovered how to borrow e-books from the library.  Best discovery of the year!  I don’t want to buy another book again unless I absolutely have to!

–  Tempted to pay off our entire car payment all at once so we don’t have those monthly payments anymore, but at a 1.9% interest rate it doesn’t seem worth it since we’re getting better returns from Betterment.

–  Got solar panels on our house.  Already seeing the savings.  Love it – just in time for the hottest months of the year!

–  Our 5 year anniversary is coming up this November.  It’s been a really good 5 years.  Excited for our little getaway to Vegas!  Seems like we’re always going to Vegas, but it’s just such a great option because it’s local, but not too local… and it’s the city that never sleeps, so there’s always something to do.  As parents where we stay in more than we get to go out, it’s a nice change of pace to visit a place where the liveliness never ends.

Life is flying by, and the years have been good to us.  We are happy (*knock on wood*).  That’s all for now I guess!




3 thoughts on “Brain Dump Time. Poor Neglected Blog.

  1. I wish we lived closer!! We’re living parallel livesssss and it’d be so much fun to go through life together 🙂 we’re celebrating 5 years in October! And omg. How are our kids almost 2 and 4?!!!!

  2. Well, I loved your brain dump!! I feel like I could comment on every single one… but… time…
    So my three thoughts are:
    1. We’re thinking of doing solar panels in the spring. How did you choose who to go with?!
    2. WHAT are you reading?!?! I need some new books to churn through. (And I LOVE our e-library too… such a money saver!)
    3. The living trust. It’s hard… but it feels so good once it’s done! We had to do a whole will/health care proxy/etc when going through the process for Spencer. When it was done, I literally felt like I could breathe deeper! 🙂

    Now… please keep blogging! I miss you!

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