Summer Fun 2014 – Part 2

#7 – Splash Pad, and #8 – “Feed” the ducks  {06.29.14}

“Feed” is in parentheses because we actually didn’t end up feeding them.  However, we did go pay them a visit, and Noelle chased them around the lake!  Not sure they were fans of that… she gets so excited over animals these days!


 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

#9 – Learn to Swim {07.03.14}

Noelle and Aliya are taking semi-private swim lessons together the entire month of July!  We prepaid for 8 sessions, so they’ll be going twice a week until the end of July.  We did it this way so that Aliya could make it to all the lessons before her baby brother’s due date at the beginning of August.  Having them take lessons together helps a lot with their comfort level with a strange new instructor and environment!


#10 – Watch the Fireworks {07.04.14}

We spent the 4th of July at Amy and Kevin’s, where Kevin made this amazing spread of Mexican food!  The girls had so much fun together, and we caught some fireworks from their backyard while the girls sat atop their daddy’s shoulders.

photo 3-2

#11 – Play in the Ocean, and #12 – Build Sandcastles {07.06.14}

We got to the beach at 9:30 am and it was perfect!  It was before the crowds, so we had a good chunk of time to ourselves before people really started to trickle in.  It was already warm even that early in the morning, but it wasn’t unbearably so.  It was actually quite perfect.  We setup a pop-up tent, laid down our towels, and had a really great time together.


The early bird gets the worm!  A relatively empty beach.  🙂



Sam taught the kids how to make sandcastles using the buckets and shovels we brought.  I could tell Jaren was really paying close attention to what Noelle was doing, and trying to imitate her.  I’m glad he doesn’t intentionally try to eat sand anymore!  I hate the “let’s put everything in my mouth” phase.

photo 2-2

photo 3

After we had our fill of ocean play, we strolled around to get some ice cream.  In that short period of time, Jaren completely conked out in the stroller so just Noelle got ice cream.  After that we got Pizza at The Pizza Lounge.  It was so relaxing just hanging out, eating our pizza, and people watching…


Noelle did a little dance and a skip when I handed her the ice cream cone!  And she’s obviously making herself at home at the pizza place.

photo 1-4

This is what happens when you give the kids a lot of water play.  YES.


The summer’s just begun and we’re almost halfway through our summer fun list.  There are a few things I already realize we won’t be able to get to, such as the Barnes & Noble summer reading program (because Noelle is too young to participate!  It’s for Kindergarteners and up…), and watching a movie at The Great Park (I wanted to take her to watch The Lego movie on July 11th, but she still gets scared of movies and doesn’t want to watch them, so that will have to wait til next she’s older).

One thought on “Summer Fun 2014 – Part 2

  1. Really enjoy your summer fun days, feel like being with you. You are a great writer, mother and wife….and …my daughter! I am happy for you and proud of you!

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