Amelia Lyon Summer Shoot 2014

I’ve been a fan of Amelia Lyon for a long time, and am thrilled that we finally got a chance to work with her!  Her work is incredible.  Her ability to manipulate light in her photos is one of the things that makes her stand out above the rest.  She always shoots at dusk so that she can make good use of “the golden hour” right before the sun sets.


After we finished the shoot, I turned to Sam and told him that I felt confident that we got a lot of good photos in.  I normally DON’T feel like that after getting my photo taken.  Instead, it’s more along the lines of me hoping and praying they turn out ok.  I’m usually not a hypercritical person, but when it comes to photoshoots, I am!  I think it’s because so much time, energy, and money goes into them… it would be such a shame if they didn’t turn out well.  Pictures are so important to me and they last a lifetime!

After working with some other photographers, then working with Amelia Lyon… I found a few key differences that really made this experience so positive.

1.  She has kids of her own, so she knew exactly what to do or say to make my children feel at ease.  If you have a more introverted, shy child like my daughter, it’s helpful to have a photographer who is good with kids – of course it’s not a must, but a nice to have!  Noelle warmed up to Amelia immediately, followed her instructions most of the time, and even started walking alongside her at one point while leaving the rest of us behind!

2.  She is always thinking 2-3 steps ahead.  She knew what the next pose was going to be even before the current pose was over.  We wasted no time in getting tons of pictures in because she already knew what she was going for.  There was no lag time, no dead time, and no awkward silent moments (don’t you hate those?) while figuring out what to do next.

3.  We didn’t need to guide her or give her any direction or suggestions when it came to poses.  She told us what to do and where to go, and we just went along for the ride.  I think this is the true mark of an expert photographer.

4.  She was super speedy when it came to changing lenses.  You have to see her at work to really understand why I was so impressed by this.  Everything seemed so seamless and effortless.  She wasn’t just guessing at the settings or experimenting with lenses, you could tell she really knew what she was doing.  She’d take a test shot, switch out the lens, adjust a few settings, and snap away.  It made me feel so confident that we were going to get more than just a handful of good pictures at the end of this.

And of course, the quality of her work just speaks for itself.  I love that the photos don’t feel posed, and has a more “lifestyle” vibe to them… she definitely has a gift and an eye that’s hard to replicate, honed by hours and hours of practice.










We’re happy with the way our pictures turned out (except I hated my hair – but that’s another story for another day).  I got a couple printed on canvas via Costco (quality is awesome, in case you were wondering!).


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