Summer Fun List 2014

I’ve been wanting to do a summer fun list for years, and I finally get the chance to this year because I feel like Noelle will be able to appreciate it a lot more now that she’s 3.5 years old.  What a difference even a year makes!  She’s grown and matured so much in the last year – it still amazes me sometimes that I created, nurtured, and most importantly, kept alive, an actual human being that came from me!  I love her so much, and can’t imagine life without her.

These days, I’m starting to really imagine what our relationship could look like in the future.  There are moments even now where I feel like she is my best friend… my kindred spirit.  Just the other week we were laying together, I had my head in the crook of her arm, and she was stroking my hair saying (without prompting), “Mommy, I love you sooo much.” – Heart.melt.  Or when I accidentally drop something she’ll go, “That’s ok mommy, it was an accident” (we say this to her all the time).  Sometimes I feel like there’s this maturity about her that goes beyond her years.  She probably has an old soul like her mommy and daddy.  Genetics be crazy.

Anyway, I totally went on a crazy tangent, but it’s my blog and I can babble if I want to.  🙂  Here’s our list for this year… so excited to start checking things off!


I taped this up on a wall near our front entryway so it’s impossible to miss!  There are 29 items on this list, so we probably won’t get to all of them, but it’ll be fun to think outside the box and do some new things along with a few tried and true ones!  I just love an excuse to check things off a big ol’ list!~  Summer 2014, here we come!


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