Happy Mother’s Day!!

Ever since I became a mom (I probably sound like a broken record by now), Mother’s Day has easily become one of the most important holidays to me.  Even though we should be appreciating our mothers every day, the truth of it is… we probably don’t.  Or don’t do it enough.  This one day out of the year gives us the opportunity to intentionally let our mothers know how much we cherish them.  To give voice to the thoughts we often think, but don’t say enough – to let them know that we see their sacrifice.  That they are needed.  And we are grateful.

My mom is the most hardworking, passionate, spirited, and hopeful person I know.  She is so full of life and radiates joy everywhere she goes.  She has never made me feel less than, but constantly praises me even when I don’t deserve it.  Even when I let her down, she tells me how proud she is of me.  She loves freely, forgives easily, and gives generously with no strings attached (I have to emphasize this last point because first generation Asian parents be crazy when it comes to this).

with mom at the airport we took those kitties ever

with mama

I need to find more pics of me and my mom!

This Mother’s Day, I definitely felt the love from Sam and the kids.  The kids woke up around 6:45 am, but Sam let me sleep in so I got to sleep until 9 am (can’t remember the last time this happened!).  When I got there, the kids were independently playing and Sam reheated some homemade breakfast for me.  He always makes his specialty cauliflower/bacon/cheese cauliflower casserole that is DE-LISh, along with a breakfast sausage, and toast with an almond butter and jam spread.

I actually got some pics with both kids today in one picture!!  This NEVER happens.  I’m usually the photographer so I’m always behind the camera, and my husband is so not a picture taker so I don’t get many candid moments with the kids either.  I’m glad we got some good ones today.


Shortly after, we headed out to Mother’s Day lunch with my mom, her boyfriend, his entire family, and my sister.  We ate at Parker’s Lighthouse in Long Beach.  The views were spectacular, and it was located right next to the Queen Mary…


It wouldn’t be my mom if she didn’t have a phone in hand (and purple streaks).

The kids took a car nap since we didn’t get home until 4 pm… then it was almost time for our next meal!  Dinner was spent celebrating my MIL over take out sushi at home.  I didn’t get any pictures (gah!), but I did learn how to French Braid (finally!!).  My MIL taught me, and I practiced on my SIL’s thick, beautiful hair.

The older I get, the more I realize relationships are everything.  Hold on tight to the people who matter most.  Let them know how much you love them at every opportunity.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Happy Mother’s Day!!


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