Teacher’s Appreciation

Ever since I started sending N to school, Teacher’s Appreciation has been a day that’s become very important to me.  N’s teachers are the ones who help direct, guide, teach, and shape her day in and day out while I’m at work.  I’m thankful that they watch over and love on my daughter on a daily basis when I can’t be physically present.  They do so much and don’t get compensated nearly enough for what they do.  I wish there was an easy answer to that, yet I also wish daycare rates weren’t so high.. such a lose lose situation!

So this day is just a small small way I can show a bit of my gratitude, even if it isn’t much.  Last year I bought a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes for the teacher’s to share, then gave N’s main teacher a larger gift card.  This year I handed out Starbucks gift cards to the 3 teachers overseeing N’s classroom.  I will probably always give some type of gift card, not because I mean to be impersonal, but because that’s what I would want if I were a teacher!


I can’t take credit for this cute little project – Printable here.

Just how fitting is that Oprah quote?!  To all teachers everywhere – you are making an impact.  You are seen, and I am grateful.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!


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