J’s Milestones of Late

Yesterday, J said “Hi” and “Bye” while waving profusely several times with this huge grin on his face!  It was so cute, and my heart melted.  I needed something like that because this weekend I was trying to solo parent while battling mastitis while Sam was away at Vegas for Arnold’s bachelor party.

Then the other day (March 26, 2014), J said, “daddy!” for the first time while reaching out to Sam.  Sam pretty much died from joy that day.

But just so we’re clear, J’s official first word was “mama”!  🙂  He said that around 10 months.

Can’t wait to hear more!!

Other exciting news:

He took his first two itty bitty steps on thursday (March 27th).  He hasn’t taken any more steps since then, but I am anxiously awaiting more!  I really thought he’d walk sooner than this because he’s so much more active and physical than his sister, but it looks like he’ll be right on pace with her.

That’s all for now.  🙂  So many fun developments these days!  My baby is growing up!


3 thoughts on “J’s Milestones of Late

  1. Awww!!! Such sweet milestones! Kaitlyn has just started to say Bye, though not consistently. I love the reaching out thing. 🙂 Hope you are feeling better!

    xx Viv

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