Jaren turns One.

Jaren, my sweet sweet boy.  You have been an incredible baby, and made this first year so pleasant for your mama.  Ever since you doled out your first social smile at 5 weeks, you’ve kept it up without reservation – it is almost too easy to get a smile or laugh out of you!  You take in everything with relentless joy, and your eyes sparkle with such curiosity at the new sights, sounds, and faces of the world you were born into.


You are very easygoing, and nothing seems to phase you for the most part… until it does.  And when it does, you express it with such heated passion.  I can’t understand you yet, with the exception of, “mama mama mama”, but you’ll babble and grunt continuously until you get my attention.  You make noises of all kinds just to get your point across.

When you want something, you go after it with fierce determination.  We’re not sure redirection works with you because we’ll veer you away from one place, only for you to go right back to it the minute we turn our head.  You are speedy gonzales, and will zoom after what you want as soon as you see we aren’t paying attention.  I’ve found you splashing in the toilet, pulling at our computer cords, climbing our vacuum, attempting to claw your way into our fireplace, and other shenanigans.  We are not short on adventure with you around!

You don’t hold back, and already wear your heart on your sleeve.  I know you love me by the way you reach up for me with open arms, by the way nuzzle your head into the crook of my neck, by your open-mouthed drooly kisses, and by the infectious laughs you freely give.  One of my favorite things you do is when you crawl over to me with a big grin on your face, only to proceed to lay your head on my lap.  I think I die a.million.times.over whenever you do that!  Seriously, just kill me with affection already.

And sleep?  I thought all babies could use some form of sleep training until you came along (knock on wood), but you’ve been an amazing sleeper your first year with little help from us.  I really can’t ask for more, but will you consider sleeping in just an hour more?  A 6:30 am wake time is okay, but not ideal.  Just thought I’d ask.  😉

You are a big eater, and I worried for nothing over your transition to whole milk because you guzzled that baby down like it was the best thing ever the first time I introduced it!  You’re still drinking breastmilk two times a day though – once in the morning, and once again before bed – I’m just not ready to give up those sessions with you because you’re my baby, and my last.  Since you usually don’t like to stay put for very long, those are the only times I get to hold you for an extended period.  I cherish every session I get with you, and I spend that time focusing on your soft, chubby cheeks, delicious rolls, and big, bright eyes.  I caress your hair, I let your baby fingers curl over mine, I squeeze your little feet, and soak in all your delicious baby smells.

(Height: 31 inches // Weight: 25 lbs 1 oz)

Pinch me, I can’t believe you’re mine.  Happy birthday, sweet boy of mine.  I’m crazy about you.

3 thoughts on “Jaren turns One.

  1. loved this, ange! what a love-filled mama you are. you inspire me to remember how much i adore my boys too. i do need to be reminded of that these days. haha

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