Noelle turns Three.



That feels like such a big number for my little girl!  I can’t believe she’s THREE.  It feels like we’re crossing a big bridge I’m not ready for.  I didn’t really mourn her babyhood when she turned one, or even when she turned two.  She still felt like a baby to me these past couple years.  But some how, some way, she transformed into a little girl, and shed her babyhood away.

It seems like just yesterday when she was a little baby, so tiny in my arms and unaware of the world before her.  Now she is an independent, fiesty, loving, sweet girl who continues to amaze me with her wit, spunk, and intelligence each passing day.  She wants to do everything herself, has an opinion about most anything, and thinks all terms are negotiable.  Can’t fault her for trying, but that still doesn’t mean she gets what she wants.


Imagination Running Freee~

Her imagination has gone hog wild, and she loves to play pretend!  When I’m cooking in my real kitchen, she’ll go over to her mini one and whip up something delicious of her own.  She especially loves to make birthday cakes that miraculously bake in one minute flat!  Time to blow out the candles, says she!

Then this morning, as we were eating breakfast,  she suddenly looked over her shoulder and said, “Swiper, go away!  No swiping, Swiper (a character from Dora)!”, put the palm of her hand out in mid-air and pretended to stop swiper from stealing her food.  Did I already mention before that she’s a huuuuge Dora fan?  Most of the time I’ll play pretend along with her, so don’t be too surprised if you ever catch me talking to Swiper or Daniel Tiger out of nowhere!

Before bed, she’ll play quietly in her room by herself while we spy on her through the monitor, and we’ll see Noelle lining up all her Little People characters by the side of her bed, talking to them as if they’re her pals.  It’s pretty neat seeing what a little kid’s imagination can conjure up – it really knows no bounds!


Chatterbox Galore!

My daughter is a nonstop chatterbox.  From morning til night she is chattering away, asking every question under the sun.  “What’s that?” is her favorite question.  Even after I give a response, she likes to correct me and say, “No it’s not… it’s THIS”.  I don’t know why she even asked my opinion when she already formed one of her own!  This girl is definitely NOT short of opinions. And don’t even try to have a side conversation while she’s in the room because she will catch onto every word, even if it seems like she’s not paying attention.  Case in point, this morning I was thinking about getting an oil change, so I was asking for directions saying, “So do I get off Bake?”… out of the blue popped little Noelle saying, “I want to go to Bake too!”.  Uh, sorry girl, you have school.  And you don’t even know what Bake is!

Oh but the chattering doesn’t end there.  You’d think that when she’s playing independently, that the chatter would die down.  Nope.  She also loves dictating how to do things step by step as she does them, even if she’s talking to nobody else but herself.  For example, as she plays with her play-doh, she will detail out exactly what she’s doing, “First, you press the mold down… then you take away the excess…” (Yes, she really said excess.  I admit it.  I was pretty proud).


Extracurricular Fun

Her favorite activities are going to the local park and riding the carousel, so we do those a lot on the weekends!  When on the carousel, she has very particular tastes about which “horsies” or animals are best, and makes sure we know not to put her on the “scary horsie”.  She loves to run wild and getting us to chase her at the park, then she makes her rounds on the swings and slides until she’s all tired out.  Once at home, she loves to make play-doh.  Seriously, it feels like play-doh spit up all over our home!  She’s also really into painting with watercolors.  I’d like to describe her art as abstract.

Her other big obsession is all things with 4 wheels.  Mater from Disney Pixar’s Cars is her favorite, must be something about his buckteeth and goofy smile that draws her in, but she’s a fan of Lightning McQueen too.



She is a sweet and thoughtful little girl who definitely thinks before she reacts.  Even at the young age of three, she seems so matter-of-fact and logical in her decision-making process.  That definitely didn’t come from easily excitable me!  She always wants to share her food and toys with me.  She offers me a bite of this and a bite of that, “but not too much, ok mama?” she says.  She’s afraid I might eat it all, leaving none for her!  My husband and I love to alternate giving her kisses, and she happily obliges.  I say, “mommy too”, and he says, “daddy too!”and we fight for her kisses, back and forth and back and forth, until she tires of us grown children and refuses to dole out more.  She loves to sing, dance, and jump up-down-and-all-around at home and with those she feels comfortable with, insisting that we join in on the fun too!

Despite all the ways she’s grown, and despite all her insistence on wanting to be a big girl now, she is still my baby in so many ways.  It shows up in the way she crawls into our bed in the wee hours of the night, in the way she asks us to kiss away her boo boo’s for every scrape, fall, and bump.  It appears when she’s overwhelmed by people or finds herself in some unknown place, and comes running into my warm embrace.  I’m still her mama, and I’m still her everything, even as she recognizes that there is a world beyond me and my arms.  I’m going to hold onto this for as long as I can because I know there will come a day when I won’t be her all in all.

Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet Noellie.  I love you beyond words.

6 thoughts on “Noelle turns Three.

  1. Happy birthday, Noelle!
    You guys have done a great job raising her! I always look forward to reading how she’s growing into a sweet, sweet girl. 🙂

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