2013 – A Look Back

It’s hard to believe that 2013 has come and gone, and we’re now officially in 2014!  It was a good year, and we have much to be thankful for.  Thankful for good jobs close to home that offer the flexibility we need to achieve some semblance of work/life “balance”, for in-laws (on both sides) that we love, and siblings we call friends.  We are thankful for friends near and far, who are committed to us and love on our children despite not being in the same life stage.  For our marriage, and our God who centers us.  We would be nowhere without all these things; without our village, and our faith.

Let’s see what this year has been all about..


I kicked off the year with a promotion, right before I left for maternity leave, while my husband started a new job that he loves.  Then came the birth of our son in February.  It took some adjustment at first, but the changes quickly became our new normal.  In May, we celebrated the start of our 30’s with a big trip to Cancun with the kids and some of our closest friends.

So much of the first half of the year was a big blur.  When I think back on this year, I still can’t believe I left my job to go on maternity leave, had my son, and returned to work all in the same year.  Sometimes that period of time feels like a distant dream.  Then, to think that in just a little over a month, my newborn will become a one year old!  How does time keep getting away from me?

Mid-year, I found out I was going to be an aunt!  My sister’s pregnancy brought us even closer and deeper than ever.  It has been a privilege to walk her through this journey; to revisit what it was like to enter new motherhood.  Finally, my husband and I made the big decision to leave our church of four years.  It was not a decision we came to lightly — we struggled with it for a long time, but to finally see eye to eye on this brought us a lot of peace.

This was a year characterized by family, hope, and new beginnings.  Bring it on 2014, can’t wait to see how the future unfolds!


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