My Reading Repertoire – 2013 Edition

One of my resolutions for 2013 was to read 4 books off the 100 Book List Challengeannnnd that didn’t happen. I didn’t even read ONE, so forget four!  I’m over trying to read the classics because it’s “good for me”. I’ll settle for just being able to squeeze in any kind of leisure reading!

In 2013, I started off strong, then completely dropped the ball once J was born at the end of February.  But hey… at least I managed to finish strong, and that’s all that matters, right??  Well, that’s what I’d like to tell myself anyway.

I put in parentheses the star rating I gave the book on Goodreads.  On Goodreads, 3 stars is supposed to signify “I liked it”, but I have my own little definitions.  To me, 3 stars means middle-of-the-road, and completely average.

Star ratings
5 stars = It sucked me in and I couldn’t put it down!
4 stars = Very enjoyable.
3 stars = It was okay. I’m ambivalent.
2 stars = Such a chore to get through.
1 star = Terrible! I want those hours of my life back, stat!

1. The Power of Habit by: Charles Duhigg (4/5)
2. The Road by: Cormac McCarthy (2/5)
3. The Art of Racing in the Rain by: Garth Stein (4/5)
4. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by: Lisa See (4/5)

5. Supernatural Childbirth by: Terri Mize (3/5)
6. The Hiding Place by: Corrie Ten Boom (5/5)
7. How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, and Listen so Kids Will Talk by: Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish (4/5)
8. Now You’re Speaking my Language by: Gary Chapman (3/5)






9. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by: Susan Cain (3/5)
10. Lean In by: Sheryl Sandberg (4/5)


11. It Starts with Food by: Melissa Hartwig (4/5)


12. And the Mountains Echoed by: Khaled Hosseini (5/5)
13. The Fault in Our Stars by: John Green (5/5)
14. Gone Girl by: Gillian Flynn (2/5)
15. Sycamore Row by: John Grisham (2/5)

Final count – 8 nonfiction, 7 fiction.  I didn’t plan on it being so split.  Fiction is my favorite genre so I don’t know why I keep ending up with so much nonfiction under my belt.  My book goal this past year was to read 24 books (an average of 2 per month), but I guess that was too ambitious because I fell short of my goal by 9 books!  o_O


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