Merry (Belated) Christmas!

I meant to write a little blurb on Christmas Day, but with all the festivities and running around with two kids, time got away from me!

Merry (belated) Christmas!

Our tradition is to do dinner with family on Christmas Eve, then break open the presents first thing Christmas morning.  Then we do a Christmas brunch that Sam whips up, and lounge around in our PJ’s.  This year, I hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our place and made galbijjim, galbi, chapchae, various panchan, panko-crusted salmon, and kimchi curry.


It was just the “kids” this year (no parentals, no in-laws) – Sam’s two younger sister’s, me and Sam, Amy and Tae and their boys, and Noelle and Jaren.  My MIL is in Korea for the entire month of December, and my mom spent Christmas with her boyfriend.

One of my favorite things about the holidays is seeing friends from out of town.  Technology (Facebook, email, etc) has bridged the gap to help us stay in touch, but nothing beats seeing them face to face.  Our closest friends live so far away, so it is always nice to physically spend time with them when they come back home for the holidays!

Here we are with one of our favorite couples –


The nice thing about hanging out with Shannon and Terry is that we are separately close to them.  Sam was roommates with Terry in college, and I was good friends with Shannon… long before any of us ever started dating… so it’s so much fun every time the four of us get together!  They’re not weird, no, not at all…

I also met up with my two close girlfriends, Nikki and Carol!  When the three of us get together, we refer to ourselves as the Euro-girls because one summer in college, we all studied abroad in Europe at the same time, but in different countries.  Nikki in England, Carol in Italy, and me in Spain.  Once our programs were over, we met up in Italy and decided to backpack through Europe together for two weeks!  It sounds more romantic than it was.  It was a great experience but we were so homesick, and Europe is disgustingly hot in the summer.


Carol is finally back in Cali after so many years in NYC, but Nikki is still all over the place and currently resides in San Francisco.  I don’t get to see either of them as much as I’d like!

Anyway, that was our Christmas this year.  Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with your loved ones too!

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 6.35.13 PM


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