Kids, your Dad is pretty swell…

Why?  Because I find emails like this from him in my inbox –

Hi Love!
I think I mentioned this to you a week or so ago. How I wanted us to think and discuss these 2 things
1. One thing you want support in for the next quarter(i.e. – some space to re-energize, exercise, etc.)
2. What is one thing we can do together this next quarter (i.e. – exercise, watch a show together, at least 1 quarter a year should involve our spiritual health)
If you think we should add something else then we can, but for now I think those 2 things should be good? Let’s make this effective July 1 since that is technically Q3.
I wanted to adopt this same process with our kids too. I want to strive to be a father and husband that cares and loves intentionally.
I’m thankful that you are such a good listener and my biggest supporter….I hope I am and will always be the same for you! Love you!
Hopefully one day you guys will relate to us more than just as your parents, and see that we’re human too with real wants, hurts, and hopes.  Took me a long time to figure that out with my parents, but I’m hoping you guys will catch on a lot faster.  🙂

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