Cancun Day 2 – Resort Day

I’ve been totally slacking on my blogging.  I meant to finish up the Cancun trip posts quickly, but obviously that didn’t happen!  Anyway, here we are over a month later and I’m going to try to zoom through them.

Once we got to our destination Friday night, we were pooped!  By the time we checked in, it was well past dinnertime and we were starving.  Not that the kiddos minded – Noelle got more than her fair share of snacks/junk on this trip!  Anyway, we were staying right next door to Mike/Hana and the group had ordered everything off the room service menu – literally, everything.  So we decided to do the same!  Sam went a little overboard (as in, MULTIPLE orders of each dish), and got a bit of flack for it from the room service people.

I wasn't exaggerating o_O

I wasn’t exaggerating!!

Everyone somehow ended up hanging out in our room – the room with the crazy kids.  Go figure.  We still had to bathe the dirty kids so I did that while everyone was hanging out in the living room.  Anyway, we finally get to bed after an exhausting day of traveling – it was only 10 pm (but technically midnight PST).  I was hoping the kids would sleep in the next day!

Good morning, Cancun!

Good morning, Cancun!

Nope – sleeping in didn’t happen!  Well, Jaren did sleep through the night for the second time ever and woke around 6 am, then Noelle woke shortly after!  We got the kiddos ready so we could meet the gang for breakfast at the buffet.


Breakfast of champions

Everyone in the group was dressed in workout clothes because there was a free yoga session after.  Oh how I miss yoga!  Sam insisted that I tag along with them and said he’d take the kids.  I wasn’t exactly dressed the part, but figured it’s probably going to be an easy, laid back yoga class so I took him up on his offer.  Prior to the trip, we had agreed to divide up our time so that each of us could squeeze in some quality time with our friends sans kids.  This was the perfect opportunity.  We wandered and wandered all around the resort looking for that darn yoga class, but it was nowhere to be found!  Turns out, it was being held at the gym, not at the beach, like we originally thought.

It took us forever to find the gym, but once we got there the class was half over.  Even though we missed the class, I wasn’t too bummed… because it was nice just to walk and talk with my friends like a normal person without having to monitor the wee little ones!  Since we missed the yoga class, and were already at the gym… we decided to workout instead!  Since I was wearing flipflops, I ended up running 2 miles on the treadmill barefoot.  IT FELT SO GOOD TO RUN.  Side note: the gym was amazing.  It was easily the nicest hotel gym I have ever step foot in.  There were at least 5 treadmills, 5 ellipticals, some exercise bikes, free weights, and machine weights for every body part.

There's an app for that!

There’s an app for that!

Once we were done, I went back to our room where Sam was with the kids.  Jaren was napping and Noelle was doing a combination of coloring, Dora watching, and hammock swinging.  We switched off and Sam went paddleboarding while I watched the kids.

That's my guy back there!

That’s my guy back there!

When he returned, it was lunchtime, so we changed J and N into their swim gear and scooted their booties out the door.  The crew was eating lunch at the Mexican place poolside, but once Noelle saw the pools she lost all interest in food and just wanted to swim.  Of course I had to oblige, so I skipped out on lunch while Sam took Jaren and got to eat the most delicious fish tacos, ceviche, and tres leches cake.  Don’t you worry about me though – I got my fill later!



Trying to eat lunch

Trying to eat lunch

After a long day at the pool, I went back to the room first to put Jaren down for a nap.  Sam stayed with Noelle, and tried to get her to feel more comfortable with our friends.  It takes A LOT for her to warm up to people.  More than an hour, more than a day… but by the end of the trip, good progress was made.  She even asked where Uncle Neville was yesterday!


Bonding time

Who can resist Sweet Auntie E?

Who can resist Sweet Auntie E?

When Noelle and Sam got back to the room, it was nearly dinnertime.  We were supposed to meet everyone for sushi at 6 pm.  No nap for her that day, which proved disastrous!  She was cranky during dinner and didn’t eat at all.  Instead, she slept in my arms the whole time.  It could’ve been worse – I didn’t have to deal with managing a toddler while I ate, and actually got to have great adult conversations with our friends throughout the meal.


We are fa-mi-lyyy


7 men and a baby

We ate, laughed, lounged til well past 9 pm.  The kids still needed baths so we left the group early, and went back to our room.  Once we got the kids down, I stayed behind while Sam went out again to meet the gang. I’m not sure what shenanigans they engaged in, but knowing them… well, let’s have the pictures do the talking.  Here’s what I missed out on:


Cowabunga?? Charlie’s Angels?? What are you going for here?


And no, she wasn’t drunk either….

Hmm... or are they?

Hmm… or are they?

Actually being normal for once.  Did not know it was possible!

Actually being normal for once. Did not know it was possible!

None of the gang left the resort on the 2nd day.  We just wanted to recover from our flights, relax, and enjoy all that the resort had to offer, and we did exactly that.

*Thank you friends for letting me use your pictures!  I wish my hands were a little more freed up during the trip so that I could’ve taken some.  Can’t believe I didn’t even take a fish taco pic!*


7 thoughts on “Cancun Day 2 – Resort Day

  1. i’m so glad you guys were able to have fun as a family! seriously troopers traveling with two little ones! i wish i had a video of est singing the “where is daddy” song to noelle at the pool it was awesome.

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