Printstagram Review

With Father’s Day upon us, I was racking my brain for something thoughtful and sentimental.  I’ve already done the photobook thing, plus I found it too time consuming.  I’d have to spend time I don’t have to edit pictures, upload them, then put them in a layout that would satisfy me.  That was out.

My thoughts turned to Instagram.  All my favorite pictures are already in my account and filtered to my liking, so I decided to look into companies that specialized in Instagram prints.  I came across Printstagram and decided to give it a whirl.  The web interface looked nice, and I liked the product offerings.

They offer a variety of options – you can get individualized Instagram prints, get them bound into a book, create a poster, or have your pictures framed.  I loved the poster idea and at $25-35, it sounded really reasonable.  My problem was that I didn’t have enough Instagram photos to do it.  Ever since, I’ve been making it my mission to make sure I get my favorite photos uploaded onto Instagram – apologies for those who follow me, and the bombardment of pictures you’ve been seeing lately.  I eventually want to get that poster made and framed for our parents!

This is how the process works:
1.  On the Printstagram site, they’ll have you login to your Instagram account so they can pull all your pictures.
2. Choose which product you’re interested in. Do the appropriate click-throughs.
3. Pick and choose which Instagram photos you want printed.
4. Checkout!  Shipping is a flat rate of $7 regardless of how many products you purchase, so I would recommend ordering in bulk.

I decided to go with a Framed Print, which was part of Mr. Heels’ Father’s Day gift, and 2 Minibooks that I gave both our Mom’s as part of their Mother’s Day gifts.


Minibook Review:

I was very pleased with the minibooks!  You get to choose up to 100 Instagram photos, split into two books of 50 prints each, OR you can choose 50 photos and make 2 of the exact same books.  I chose 50 photos and got two identical minibooks, one for each of our mom’s.  It truly is mini, and about the size of a baseball card.  Now they have wallet-sized photos of our kids to carry around wherever they go!


The cover is made out of thick, transparent plastic and the back is on opalescent, white plastic.  I used the back to write a little Mother’s Day note.  These would be great to use in lieu of a card because at $6/book, they’re pretty similar in price as the nicer cards these days!  The photos are printed on really thick, glossy cardstock, and the colors came out so vibrant and clear.  I’d definitely recommend this product!

Framed Print Review:

I ordered two frames – one with a lot of daddy/daughter and daddy/son pictures, and another of just Noelle.  In the future, I plan to create one with just Jaren.  You can create a frame with up to 16 images by doing a 4 x 4 collage, or frame as little as one oversized Instagram image.  I chose a 3 x 3 because I wanted my Instagram prints to be large enough that you can view them from afar, but I also wanted a decent amount of pictures in my frame.


The frames came tightly packaged in a lot of bubble wrap and brown paper, in a box that fit the dimensions of the frames exactly.  The frames were really lightweight and felt kind of cheap to me, and although I had an idea of what the dimensions were going to be 12″ x 12″ frames, it still looked smaller than I imagined.

I was not IN LOVE with this purchase, but once I put it on the wall it looked nice.  Is it worth the $60 per frame?  No, I think it’s supremely overpriced.  Next time I will probably purchase a frame separately, print out individual Instagram prints, and arrange my pictures together in the 9 x 9 style on my own.

Bottom Line – I would definitely order prints from Printstagram again, but some of their products are more worth it than others.  The quality is excellent.  I was happy with the thickness of their cardstock, quality of the ink, and prompt shipping.  At the time I ordered, they posted an apology saying there would be a 2-3 week turnaround time for any framed prints… so imagine my surprise when the frames arrived in perfect condition 2 days later!  The minibooks arrived the next day in a separate shipment.  The biggest con at the moment is that you can’t rearrange your photos in a particular way, they are randomized.  However, the company did say that is a feature they are trying to implement.  I’m hopeful that this company will only continue to get better, and I can’t wait to see them expand their product offerings as they grow!

Have you printed out any Instagram photos?


4 thoughts on “Printstagram Review

  1. Man, the framed print is REALLY EXPENSIVE! I used to create an 8×8 storybook for Kevin, and it was $27.99 (they have a 5×5 book option that I think is almost half that price).

    I love the minibooks and will definitely print some for my in-laws!!! What a great idea? Don’t you love instagram? 🙂

    • I’m looking into ArtifactRising now – it’s really nice! I want to try them for maybe an end of year photobook, or Christmas gift? Photobooks are so time consuming, but maybe if I start now I’ll actually get it done, lol. The only thing I wish was for them to pull from instagram automatically by a simple login instead of having to download and upload pics!

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