3 Month and 29 Month Update

I feel like I just did a monthly update, and here we are again!  The months are flying by with two kids, and it’s hard to believe that Jaren isn’t considered a newborn anymore.  They say that it’s easier to enjoy the second child, and although I do worry less, I’m finding that I don’t get to “enjoy” Jaren as much as I’d like because my attention is divided between two.  There’s no time to focus on every little detail of his growth and development.  I try to really savor those quiet moments with him, to take in all his smells and every square inch of his delicious rolls.  I can hardly believe that he is approaching 4-months, and that Noelle is nearly halfway to 3!

One big thing this month is that they both took their first international trip and got a passport stamp to show for it.  I was so proud of them for traveling so well (for the most part).  It was somewhat stressful waiting through the endless lines at the airport, but once we got to our destination they had a blast.


Stats: none since we didn’t have a well check this month, but the boy is heavy and tall!  He is a 3-month old in 9 month sleepers and onesies, and starting to outgrow his size 3 diapers.

New Developments: he’s tracking everything with his eyes and very aware of his surroundings.  I try not to even browse the web while I’m nursing anymore because he’ll get distracted.  He’s able to hold his head up pretty well and has some incredibly strong legs.  He’s also begun to shed his newborn hair and I’m starting to see bald spots on his head.  We also noticed that he’s really responsive when we look him in the eye and talk to him directly.  He actually responds back with a bunch of gurgles and coos!  This lil’ fella is quite the chatterbox.  I can already tell he’s going to be much more physical than his older sister too – he is very squirmy and constantly on the move!

Favorite Activities: his fisher-price rainforest mobile, activity gym, and listening to me read from Moo Baa La La La. He giggles every time I make the animal noises!


Personality: he will smile and laugh for anyone and everyone. He loves being around people, and is such a happy, mellow baby! He is very easygoing, and even endured a 9 hour international trip to Cancun this month without fuss.

Sleeping: he regularly sleeps from 8 pm – 5 am in his crib (ok, 4:47 am to be exact – he’s very punctual).  We haven’t sleep trained yet (and let’s hope we won’t have to!).  Wish I could say his naps were consistent too, but they aren’t.  He usually takes one long nap during the day that’s anywhere from 2-3 hours long, and three shorter ones that are each about 45-60 min long.


Eating: breastfeeding is going well, and my oversupply issues are under control now that supply/demand is evening out.  He eats about every 2.5 hours, and I don’t pump unless I’m at work.



This month was so much better than last month, and Noelle was mostly back to her sweet self, with some normal toddler tantrums speckled in-between.

New Developments: her imaginative play has been really advancing lately.  She is constantly cooking in her play kitchen, but wants to use my real spices to season her food with.  She loves to “make” me cake, oatmeal, and eggs.  She has tea parties with her toy friends, and loves to prance around in “jewelry”.  I don’t know where she learned this stuff.

N-teaparty_splitWould you like a spot of tea?

Favorite Activities: she loves to read, and her favorite books right now are Llama Llama Red Pajama and Mushroom in the Rain, neither of which are board books.  She also loves it when I make up stories for her.  She is obsessed with Dora the Explorer and that’s pretty much the only show she watches.  She also loves to color/draw, and blow bubbles.

N-bubbles_splitPro bubble blower

Personality: Noelle is still such a strong introvert, and really shies away from new people.  It makes it challenging for us because she’s actually more difficult to manage when we’re in social settings than when she’s just with the immediate family.  When we’re with friends, she will cling more tightly to me and throw more tantrums than usual.  But she is so deliciously sweet when we’re alone – she is like a different person and I wish others got to see the warm, gentle, loving side of her.  Her personality is pretty much the polar opposite of her younger brother, which is fascinating to me.  I do notice that most siblings I know are pretty opposite from each other though, my sister and I included!

She’s also become the BIGGEST daddy’s girl!  Only daddy is allowed to put her to sleep now.  And when he walks through our front door after a long day at work, she’ll squeal with delight and rush to give him a warm embrace.

N-daddygirl_splitHer daddy lights up her life!

Sleeping: her bedtime has definitely been pushed back.  It used to be a very consistent 7-7:30 pm, but now it’s anywhere from 8-9 pm.  She also tends to wake up at 6:30 am now no matter how late she sleeps!  Looks like she’s needing less and less sleep…

Eating: it’s so hard to predict what she’ll eat/won’t eat and her tastes are constantly changing.  One day she’ll happily gobble down some oatmeal, and the next day she’ll look at it as if I’m trying to feed her poison.  It can be stressful trying to feed her, and it can be discouraging when I try to provide a well-balanced diet only to have it rejected with nothing to show for my efforts.

Highlight: one of the biggest highlights this month was seeing Noelle develop friendships with other kids at school.  One time, I picked her up from preschool to see a little girl named Katie run after her.  Katie was yelling, “Noelle Noelle!!”, and Noelle leaped out of my arms and ran to her too.  They gave each other a huge embrace and Noelle gave her a kiss on the cheek.  I was pleasantly shocked, and her teacher told me that Noelle and Katie are like best friends, and they kiss and hug each other on a daily basis.  That completely made my heart swell.  It’s bittersweet seeing my little girl grow up.  I’m so proud of her.

N-gh_playground_splitHaving a blast at preschool


Noelle ADORES Jaren and loves to make him smile/laugh (which isn’t hard to do, but she doesn’t know that!).  She must think he thinks she’s the funniest little girl in the whole world.  She takes such good care of him, and willingly shares all her toys and books with him, and will often try to feed him anything she cooks in her play kitchen.  Oh how I love watching them grow together!

NJ-sibsLoves to hug, kiss, and pet her brother


“Reading” to J

It’s been a good month in our household, hopefully next month brings more of the same!  Cheerio.  🙂


4 thoughts on “3 Month and 29 Month Update

  1. Aww…. I love the Noelle & Jaren pics! And yay for her coming out of her shell and having a great BFF already! Can’t believe J is in 9 month sleepers and size 3 diapers already! Time is flying fast!

  2. Was Noelle as big as Jaren when she was 3 months?
    He’s a big boy! My daughter is nearing 6 months and we just started size 2 diapers with her. She wears 6 months onesies.
    How did you feel when you first put Noelle in childcare or left her for the very first time? I think I’m going to have a harder time coping than my daughter! Just like Noelle, Brielle isn’t her usual self when she’s exposed to new people. She doesn’t cry until they hold her, and even so just briefly. She saves all her tantrums and babbles for mommy and daddy :-). Did you ever worry that she’ll love you less after spending 8-10 hour days at childcare? I’m torn between the choices of SAHM or working mom. I like my job and like to be exposed to people, but I also can’t imagine being away from my baby :-(. I know people say you Will always be #1 in your baby’s eyes, but I’m still worried, and perhaps filled with guilt. Did Noelle miss you like crazy when you picked her back up from childcare on the first few days and thereafter?
    It’s amazing you took your kids to Cancun! My in laws reside in Vietnam, and we can’t imagine how we’re gonna pull it off taking Brielle on a 20 something hour flight, plus another 6-8 hrs bus ride on a bumpy road to the designated city in VN. Ahh.

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