The Morning Shuffle

As a working mom whose workdays normally start at 8 am, it is now a madhouse in the mornings with the addition of another child.  This is a glimpse into our morning shuffle with a 2.5-year and 2-month old.

My days start at 4:30 am and don’t stop until I go to bed at midnight.

Let’s rewind a bit and start our journey at midnight.  Jaren will normally wake up anywhere from 10-11:30 pm for his last feeding of the day.  Once I’m done nursing, Sam takes him and puts him down while I go to sleep first.  This works for us because Sam gets to sleep until morning, whereas I’m up at least once a night, and proceed to stay up.

Jaren’s one night waking happens around 4:30 am.  I get up, nurse him, then put him in the swing (because for some reason he’s always wide awake after this feeding!) while I pump for an additional 15-minutes.  Once I’m done pumping, I put him back down to sleep in his crib, then get ready for the day.


(Left) Happy as a clam at 4:30 am!  It definitely makes the sleep deprivation bearable
(Right) Jaren gets a big sisterly hug

5:30 am – I shower, blow dry my hair, put on my face and clothes (non-work clothes for now because I don’t want to get them wrinkled).

6:30 am – I scramble downstairs where my multi-tasking skills go on overdrive.  I immediately put 1 pot and 2 skillets on the stove.  The pot is for oatmeal, 1 skillet is for pan-frying dumplings (to go into Noelle’s lunch), and another is for Sam’s eggs.  In the midst of all this, I also make myself a very much needed pot of coffee.  Finally, I lay out Noelle’s breakfast before I go wake her – it’s usually yogurt and oatmeal with a cup of milk.

6:50 am – I enter Noelle’s room.  She’s usually already stirring, and pops up at the sound of the door.  It takes about 10-minutes before I can actually get her downstairs for breakfast.  She’ll want me to read to her, or she asks to see Baby Jaren.  I usually accommodate because I’ve learned that rushing a toddler only causes more problems and takes more time than it’s worth.  I read one book with her, tell her Baby Jaren is still sleeping, then whisk her away downstairs.

7:00 am – Breakfast is served. While she eats, I also tie up her hair and put sunblock on her.  Jaren usually wakes right around now.  By this time, Sam has gotten himself up and ready for work.  He usually eats breakfast with Noelle while I nurse Jaren.  If Mr. Heels is unavailable, I’ll enlist the help of my Mother-in-law.  Once Noelle is done with breakfast, Sam takes her back upstairs to change her diaper and into her school clothes (already laid out for him).


No more high chair for this little lady~

7:30 am – I finish nursing, then hand Jaren off to my MIL.  We let Noelle choose her gummi vitamins, and she’s out the door with Sam, who drops her off at preschool on his way to work.  Once they’re out the door, I quickly change into my work clothes and gather all my belongings if I’m headed into the office (laptop bag – check, pumping bag – check, insulated lunchbox – check check check).


Have a good day at school, sweet girl!

8:00 am – I’m logged into my computer and ready to start my day!

We’re pretty lucky that both Sam and I have short, 15-minute commutes, but how do you do it if you have a long commute?  I cannot even imagine.  There are not enough hours in the day to do everything I want and need to do.

Who can relate to this fiasco??  Talk to me about your crazy day!


7 thoughts on “The Morning Shuffle

  1. Good job Angela!! I can completely relate girl! just throw in some early-morning emails to clients while getting breakfast and lunches ready and two school drop offs all ny 8:30 and you’ve got my morning! =)

    • yes, this was for the first 2 months when my son was still really little and feeding frequently.

      he’s 3.5 months now and has since dropped his 11pm feeding… so if i go to sleep by 10pm i’m able to get in about 7 hours of sleep now!

      • That’s awesome! My daughter was actually pretty good with sleep at night around 2-3 months (anywhere from 2-6 hrs), then at 4 months there were nights of waking every 2-3 hours. Now at 5.5 months, and going on for two weeks now, she’s waking up sometimes after half hour And ranging from 1-2 hours. She doesn’t want to sleep at night! My husband is a great help, if I’m super tired, he would take a shift after I nurse her if she still refuses to sleep, but the past two weeks she would have none of it and bawls her head off if she doesn’t get me to hold her. Needless to say, it’s been exhausting, but I know this will pass. I cannot wait to witness all the cute things she would later do, just like the cute things Noelle does/say. By the way, my daughter’s name is Brielle. So very cool with the “elle” 🙂

        • LOVE the name Brielle!! That name was actually on our shortlist if we had a 2nd daughter. 🙂

          I’m nervous about the 4-month sleep regression that’s coming up for us too. I remember that was not a very fun time with all the rolling and teething and waking themselves up at night. I just tell myself “this too shall pass… this too shall pass…”

          My husband has been helping after I nurse too so I can sleep right away before the next feeding. It’s a great system – yay for helpful husbands!

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