Noelle Meets Jaren

We got home from the hospital at 11:45 am on Sunday 2/24/13.

I walked in first.  Noelle was playing on the floor with her fake food and alphabet puzzle.  Then Sam walked in, holding Jaren and the plush panda bear “Jaren bought her”.  At first she paid Jaren no mind, but happily took the bear and gave it lots of snuggles and kisses.  A little while later she became more interested in the baby and started patting him and rocking him in his rock ‘n play.  At one point she even tried to feed him some crackers and grapes.





Seems like a good start!

The rest of the day flew by and Noelle seemed completely fine sharing her space with her new baby brother.  She watched me nurse him, and wanted to “try” too.  She looked on while we changed a poopy diaper, and was very concerned when he was screaming bloody murder.  She noticed the band-aids on his feet (from his shots) and wanted to kiss his “boo boo”.  When it was time for Noelle to go to bed she even said, “I want to kiss baby” and gave him a peck on the forehead before we whisked her away to her room.

We’ll see how things go in the coming days, but for now, life feels complete.


11 thoughts on “Noelle Meets Jaren

  1. So sweet! She wanted to try to nurse him, or wanted to try to nurse? I’ve heard of many toddlers nursing again when they see their younger sibling nursing. I guess it all depends on when they were weaned and if they remember how to latch. Either way, sounds like a great start and she’s a wonderful big sister! Congrats to you all!

    • Haha she wanted to try to nurse… so I told her she’s a big girl and needs to drink milk from her big girl cup, to which she responded, “Yea” – then she forgot all about my boobs – whew!

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