Today, my Water Broke

I had just come home from grocery shopping, and laid out all the ingredients I needed to make dinner… when I felt a leak into the thick ol’ pad I was wearing.  This was close to 3 pm on a Friday.

I didn’t think it was accidental pee (which happens to us pregos from time to time) because I had JUST gone to the bathroom 2-minutes prior, but I still had my doubts.  Maybe it was a dumb idea to wear such a thick pad because now I can’t tell how much leaked into the pad.

So I calmly went upstairs and changed into a thin pantyliner.  If the pantyliner got soaked, it would be easy to tell.  Within 30-min, that had also been soaked through.  That was confirmation enough for me, so I called Sam to let him know.

This all feels so similar to last time, almost like déjà vu.  I’m oddly calm just like last time too.  My contractions haven’t started yet, but if it’s going to continue to follow the trajectory of my last pregnancy… labor should begin within the next 2 hours.

We will see what happens!


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