Common Noelle Phrases at 25-Months

At 25 1/2 months, you can commonly hear her say:

“Be careful, baby… be careful” (she’s referring to herself)

“Ewwwwww… YUCKY!!!” (with a huge smile on her face)

“I DID IT!!!” (at the top of her voice)

“This is MINE!”

“I want milky” (the girl loves her milk)

“I want vitamin” (loooves her gummi and Flintstone vitamins)

“No sleepy”, “No pajama”, “No bath”

“I wake”

“I want go outside”

“I want ride beep beep” (beep beep = her Push Buggy)

“Owee there…  right there…” (she says this while tapping the location with her finger)

“Mommy kiss”, “mommy owee”, “mommy sleep”, “mommy hold”

“I want ride horsie” (referring to her dad)

“I want fold towels”

“I want purple Mimi” (her purple blanket/her lovey)

“I want wear pink diaper”

“I want that one”

“I want numbers song”


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