Losing my Mucus Plug/Bloody Show

I just went to the bathroom and wiped away a TON of mucus tinged with blood.  TMI?  Sorry, I’m documenting this milestone so I don’t forget.  I sat there for a bit debating whether or not I should take a picture.  I decided against it (lucky you!).

When I lost my mucus plug/bloody show the first time around, I saw it floating in the toilet, about the size of a bright red dime.  There was no doubt in my mind what it was.  My water broke the following day, and labor came shortly after.

Anyway, I better hurry and eat my lunch in case I go into labor or something.  I hear second pregnancies progress much faster so I may not have days to spare.  Baby Jaren – my one request to you is that you stay put until rush hour is over.  Let’s start our relationship off on the right foot.

In the meantime, I’m going to eat, watch TV, and try not to scare my husband.

Sam:  oh man!
cancel the dentist appt
dont drive ANYWHERE!

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