Coconut Oil Obsessed


Ever since I discovered Coconut Oil last month, I’ve been obsessed.  I saw a huge tub of it at Costco for $16 and now have three huge tubs at home.  It’s so versatile, and there are sooo many health benefits associated with it!

I started off just cooking with it, like scrambling eggs and making stirfries, then I started eating it by the spoonful, then I used it as a spread instead of butter on bread.  Now I practically use it for everything – I make sure to get in a couple tablespoons per day!  Some other things I’ve used it for:

  1. Rash cream.  It’s cloth diaper friendly too!
  2. Body lotion for both baby and me.
  3. Night cream (you can use it as day cream too and it has natural SPF in it).
  4. Eye makeup remover – it wipes it allll off in one swipe and it moisturizes!
  5. As a sore throat remedy when mixed with hot tea, which I’ve been needing desperately because I keep getting sick!

There are tons of posts online about the many wonders and uses of Coconut Oil – this article is probably as comprehensive as it gets – 333 Uses for Coconut Oil.

It’s going to be a cheap replacement for soo many things because I can already foresee how I’ll save money in the long run on face creams, lotions, cooking oils, rash cream, etc.  Bye bye expensive beauty products!

Do you use coconut oil?  Are you a believer like me?

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