Vegas and Back at 35 Weeks Prego

Our main reason for going this time was for Celine!!!  I’ve waited years to see this show.  I was so sad when she left, and thought I missed my chance, so imagine my excitement when she announced her return!  I was hoping to watch it when we went to Vegas last November for our 3-year anniversary, but she wasn’t performing in November or December.  We secured tickets for January 18th – a month before my due date.  I knew we had to watch her before Baby #2 came along, or else I may never get the chance.

Sam and I made the 5-hour drive to Vegas around 10 am Saturday morning, giving us a chance to spend a few hours with our little girl before heading out.  It was hard to leave her as an infant, but it’s even harder to leave her now that she’s so much more fun and aware.

I was a little worried about how I’d do with the long drive at 35 weeks pregnant, but surprisingly, my bladder was well under control hehe.  My husband stopped every 1-1.5 hours to let me stretch my legs and back and walk around, so that definitely helped.  We made it around 2:30 pm and checked into The Flamingo Hotel.  We usually stay there because it’s affordable and close to everything!  We got a room on the 20th floor, with a view overlooking the Bellagio Fountain.

Day 1 (Saturday): check-in, dinner with friends at Holstein’s, Celineeee!!, then a midnight Secret Pizza run!

Had high hopes for Holstein’s, but we all agreed the burger patty was dry and the food overpriced for what you get.  But then again, it’s Vegas – everything is overpriced.  I got the “Rising Sun” burger, which is Asian inspired and comes with a Kobe beef patty, avocado tempura, sweet potato tempura, nori flakes, and sweet teriyaki sauce.  I think it was the best burger of the bunch, but still mediocre.  Our table also shared lobster mac ‘n cheese and some wings.


Then we went our separate ways – all of us had separate shows to catch.  Shan & Terry went to watch “O”, Jenn & Chris went to watch “Love”, Arnold & Wendy went to watch the Treasure Island show, while me & Sam, Shawn & Teresa, and Maggie & Jon went to catch the singing sensation herself in action!


Can you see the excitement on our faces??

They don’t allow any pictures during the show, so I have no pics of Celine rockin’ it live.  I was expecting a lot of dancing and backup dancers with extravagant costumes because that’s how my friend described it to me when she went a few years ago, but there was none of that.  I guess she changed her show after she came back??  The show mainly showcased her singing and the phenomenal orchestra behind her.  The entire show was still amazing though and I even choked up a few times!  She has this way of drawing out your emotions with the purity of her voice.  I was mesmerized from beginning to end.  Though he hates to admit it, hubby was thoroughly impressed too!


“With Celine”

Afterwards I went back to the hotel to sleep because what’s a 35-week prego going to do in Vegas?  The smoke and nastiness of the air was killing me.  I walked through the casinos holding my breath, and couldn’t stand the stench on my clothes.  Shan and I hung out in my room while our hubby’s went to grab a beer and try their luck at the tables.  We were on the verge of sleeping when we got a text saying they were headed to Secret Pizza!  No way we were missing that… so we dragged our lazy booty’s up and got the most heavenly slice of NY pizza in the city.


Yes, it’s as good as it looks.  Highly recommend the “white pizza”!

Day 2 (Sunday): brunch at Mon Ami Gabi, nap, dinner at Lotus of Siam

Some people in our group had to leave right after brunch, and others left right after dinner.  I didn’t realize so many people don’t get MLK Jr. Day off anymore!  This was a low-key day filled with more eating and a whole lotta sleeping.  Brunch was awful, but dinner made up for it!


The best item was the Blueberry French Toast.


A lot of people were anticipating this meal, and it delivered!!  Everyone loved Lotus of Siam!

Day 3 (Monday): used our complimentary brunch vouchers at The Flamingo with the only other couple remaining, Shannon and Terry.  We left right after so we could get home to our girl just in time for her to wake from her nap!


Came back to this firecracker!

So what did our weekend consist of?  A lot of eating, a lot of sleeping, and a Celine show somewhere in-between!  I was even able to finish an entire book while in Vegas.  I loved the balance of hanging out with friends while still getting a substantial amount of alone time.  It made me realize though, that Vegas is really boring to me… and I probably don’t want to go back for awhile.  I can’t stand the crowds and the smoke and I don’t even like to gamble.  Plus everything there is overpriced – there’s no incentive to even go shopping!


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