Starting 2013 Off Right with Resolutions!


It’s so cliché, but I love making them!  I usually never remember what my resolutions were by the end of the year, or even a few months into the year, but I think they’re fun to make and it helps me start the year off with a brand spankin’ new, clean slate.  As I mentioned in my last post, I’m currently reading The Power of Habit (I really like it so far), and one thing the book talks about are certain habits called “keystone habits”.

Keystone habits are routines that spill over to other habits.  They used “making your bed in the morning” as one example.  According to The Power of Habit, making your bed is correlated to higher productivity and stronger skills at sticking to a budget.  A keystone habit is essentially a catalyst for other good habits, and sets off a chain reaction to putting other good habits in place.  I’m obsessed with a well-made bed, and it’s one of the first things I do in the morning (I also don’t like crawling into an unmade bed, so I will make it again before napping or bedtime if it’s in disarray), so it made me happy to read that it’s a keystone habit.

Anyway, what does all this mumbo jumbo have to do with making new year resolutions?  Well, I think making new resolutions can be similar to keystone habits in the sense that it shifts your mindset (at least, it does for me), and leads to other things falling into place, whether intentionally or unintentionally.  These are mine for the new year, what are some of yours?

  1. Improve my excel skills – specifically, work on my pivot tables.  I know this sounds like such a lame resolution, but I loooove excel and wish I was a whiz at it.  My coworker is a complete Excel genius, and I’m totally amazed by the possibilities.
  2. Read at least 4 books from the books in the Book List Challenge I previously blogged about.  Four isn’t an arbitrary number – it’s one book per quarter, which sounds realistic to a soon-to-be-mom of two.
  3. Journal at least once a week.  Since becoming a mom, my journaling has gone way way wayyyyy down.  I’m still using the journal I started in 2008.  😦  I really should spend more time in this department because I think it’s another habit that acts as a catalyst to other things, specifically in my spiritual walk.
  4. Stick with the Insanity workout for at least one-month.  I’m not looking forward to my postpartum body, but hopefully I’ll be able to find some time for exercise in-between two kids sometime this year!  An at-home workout DVD seems like a realistic way to fit in some exercise in-between work and kids, and I want to do something different and intense.
  5. Work on meal-planning over the weekends.  I want to get streamlined in this department so there aren’t days where we’re wondering what we should eat that day.  I want to cut back on trips to the supermarket too.  I think having set meal plans and sticking to one shopping trip per week could really improve our budget.  Maybe this is another keystone habit!

8 thoughts on “Starting 2013 Off Right with Resolutions!

  1. Excel is one of mine too! I recommend the excel bible even though the book is gigantic and intimidating.

    Terry makes our bed every morning so that’s good to know. I wanted to read this habit book… Wonder it you implanted it in my head or it was a coincidence!

    • lol what are the chances that we both have excel on our list of resolutions? we’re such dorks! i’ve seen the excel bible – boy oh boy… does it really tell you a lot more than the stuff i can find online or via youtube?

      terry is so domestic!! he makes your bed and prepares your lunch?! so what do you do?? 😛 i first heard about the habit book from mr. bee on hello bee, then sam came home telling me about it cuz don was talking about it… so that’s when we decided to purchase it since it was a book we were both interested in reading. it’s a really interesting book!!

      • It’s just nice to have all the tips in one handy book…. cause sometimes you won’t even know what you’re looking for and lo and behold, you’ll learn a formula that fits what you need in the future! I just keep it in my cube and flip to it when I have free time and mark up stuff. Over 900 pages of stuff!

        He only prepares my lunch when I want sandwiches which is only 10% of the time!! LOL!!

        Okay, I’m for sure going to read that too then. I realize that non-fiction is my favorite genre.

        • Oo ok I’ll get it! Sounds like it’ll always come in handy. You DO read a lot of non-fiction more than anything else according to your Goodreads updates.

          • Keep in mind that even though it’s thick, it’s still a general overview of Excel. I think the author (John Walkenbach) has a bunch of books on Amazon for “advanced users” that just focuses on programming or formulas or dashboards/reports. Excel Bible has the best reviews though.

    • Lol ok I will do some research before deciding if I really need a physical book. I’m sure a general overview book would be good to reference, and if I really need more detail in a specific area I could google it or find it on Youtube. Glad to be in the company of another passionate Excel-ite!

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