Pregnancy, the Second Time Around

When I was pregnant with my first, I was a lot more “by the book” with most things.  I tried my best to stick to a pregnancy diet – no sushi, no oysters, no deli meat, no soda, and caffeine on an occasional basis.  That was when Perrier (to help me curb my soda cravings), and the chicken breast sub at Subway became my best friends.

I was very careful about working out, doing only “light” exercises like prenatal yoga and the occasional elliptical machine (which I normally hate with a passion).  I also made sure NEVER to lay on my back, even for a minute.  I diligently practiced kegels like it was my religion.  I never carried anything too heavy.  I slept as much as I could because that’s what everyone told me to do.  I read all the “right” books, and made sure I checked everything off my pregnancy checklist.

I’m now 26 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy, and all rules have flown out the window.  I’ve had sushi multiple times, coffee more than I care to admit, soda whenever I’m in the mood, Italian BMT please at Subway!, and sunny-side up eggs daily for breakfast.  My diet knows no bounds.  As for exercise, I’ve been spinning my way through pregnancy without a second thought.  I am constantly on the go with an active toddler, and I carry her often (to the detriment of my lower back).  Sleep?  What’s that?

Despite all the “no-no’s,” I’m feeling pretty good as I head into my third trimester next week.  My doctor doesn’t seem concerned either.  I enjoyed my first pregnancy a lot.  I loved patting my belly, feeling the baby’s hiccups and kicks, and getting pampered by my slave (erm, I mean husband).  I was in awe of my developing, pregnant body and wanted to cherish every moment.  I diligently took weekly belly pictures, and proudly flaunted my newfound curves.

This time around, I didn’t spend as much brainpower “focusing” on my pregnancy because my time is so much more limited, especially as a working mom of one.  Because I’m so busy, pregnancy seems to be flying by (for the most part).  I haven’t even taken a single weekly pregnancy picture, and I don’t know if I’m a kumquat or watermelon this week either!  Now that I’m entering my third trimester, I’m really hitting a wall.  I’m not enjoying this pregnancy the way I did the first time around.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to be having this baby, and I’m so fortunate to be able to carry him.  However, having been through all this before, I’m not as enthusiastic going through all this again.

Some days I just really want my old body back.  I’m starting to feel bloated and lethargic, and even the simple task of bending down to put on shoes feels like a chore.  I want to roam free without heartburn and backaches.  I want to order my peppermint mocha without the judgmental stares.  I miss sleeping on my back.  I long to lay on the floor with my elbows propped, belly-down with my laptop. More than anything, I’m just so anxious to meet him already!  I can’t stop wondering who he’ll look like, or if he’ll be anything like his older sister.  I’m also praying he doesn’t come out with a huge Korean noggin like his dad!

13 more weeks to go, and I’m already counting down the days.  Let’s hope the holidays keep me busy enough to get my mind off this!


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy, the Second Time Around

  1. For your second time around, are you planning on hiring Melissa again? Or just brushing up on Bradley classes? Even though I’m not pregnant with my 2nd, I still wonder if I’ll want a doula again or not. She was so helpful last time!

    • I really loved Melissa too, but I think I’m going to try it on my own this time around. My first labor wasn’t too long (9 hours total) so I’m hoping the second one will be even faster. I didn’t really run into complications even with my first labor so I’m praying it’ll be the same this time around – though Melissa was amazingly helpful with pain management and showing me what positions to move into to get me more comfortable.

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