The Littlest Trick-or-Treaters

This marks N’s 2nd Halloween, but first time as an actual trick-or-treater.

The first year, we bought her a costume mostly for picture purposes.  This year, we made plans to go trick-or-treating with a few friends who have kids around her age.  I didn’t have any expectations going in.  In fact, I fully expected to push her around in her stroller most of the night; asking for candy on her behalf.

This raincloud, little red riding hood, and ladybug surprised us all!  Never underestimate kids on the hunt for sweets.

There was some hesitation at first as we led them up the long driveway to the door of the first house.  Their eyes opened wide as strange aunties and uncles piled candy into their miniature-sized buckets.  By the time we got to the third house, you would’ve thought these three kiddos have been trick-or-treating for years!  They left us behind and toddled their way to the front of each house, patiently waiting for the door to open.  They thrust their buckets out unashamedly and shyly accepted whatever delights were given to them.  Compliments poured in at how cute they were, and so polite too, with their “hello’s”, “thank you’s”, and “goodbye’s!”.  N even said a “trick-or-treat” or two.

This Halloween was another first for our family.  I think it was just as much (if not more) a thrill for us to see our N light up at this new festive event.  We tried our best to document the occasion with endless snapshots and a video clip or two in the pitch dark night.  She even got her first taste of chocolate (not quite by our choice, but by biting through the wrapper), and could not stop saying, “MMM!  YUMMY!”.  How could we deny her that luxury on just this one night?  She was holding so tightly onto her pumpkin bucket, never once letting it go (when we got home, we finally tricked her away from it somehow).

The night’s come and gone, but we’ll treasure this night forever.  We’re on a high – sure, a sugar high, but we’re also on a high from love.  It’s a love that comes from knowing we are blessed beyond belief; we ate an abundance of good food, have amazing friends (who I know we can call lifelong), and get to watch our little one blossom before our very eyes as she learns to navigate this life.

It was a more than perfect night, and we couldn’t have asked for a better first trick-or-treating experience with My Little Red.


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