Preschool Update

So… remember my post about how well it went the first day of Preschool?  Well, I wish I could say its been smooth sailing since, but it hasn’t.  She was great the first two days and shed no tears, so my fear that the first day might’ve been a fluke seemed unfounded.  Then the third day rolled around, and it was a whole different story…

We walked into the preschool hand-in-hand without issue.  She even started admiring the colorful walls and had no problem carrying her lunchbox into the school all by herself.  I was in good spirits, thinking this was going to be another good day.

Then we got to the entrance of the classroom, and she clung to the doorframe and kept repeating, “no no no no!”.  Uh-oh.  Instead of leading her in by the hand, I had to pick her up and carry her through the door.  She held onto me for dear life and burrowed her face into my shoulder.  Following the school’s suggestion, I gave her a quick hug and tried to make my goodbyes short and sweet.  I left her with a heavy heart, as I turned away from the tears trickling down her innocent face.

After nearly two years of this parenting thing, watching my child in pain hasn’t gotten any easier, and I suspect it doesn’t ever get easier; but refraining from running and saving her from every new challenge is something I know I must do.

To my sweet, sweet girl – you’re growing up and I can’t keep up.  And though I want with all my heart to protect you from life’s most difficult moments, I also know character is built upon layers of struggle and yes, even defeat.  So don’t be discouraged darling, by this new transition.  It is the start of something wonderful and new – you’ll see…


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