Starting to Feel Real

I went in for my Nuchal Translucency Screening (NT test) last week.  This test helps to determine whether a baby is at risk for Down’s Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.  There’s a very limited time frame when you can do the test.  It must be done within the 11-13 week mark.  The absolute last day you can do this test is at 13 weeks 6 days.  I barely made it this time around, and got the test at 13 weeks 5 days.  Talk about cutting it close!

I remember this test the first time around, with Noelle, because it was the test that made the biggest impression on me.  It was then that everything felt more real.  The test itself is really comfortable, you just lay back as they spread jelly on your tummy, just like a standard ultrasound, but I got to see everything in so much more detail.  The pounding of the heartbeat came through loud and clear, she was a strong one.  I got to see the outlines of her profile, the curve of her spine, and the way she crossed her legs or rested her hand on her cheek.  It was all pretty amazing.  My husband came with me that first time, and he held my hand while I laid there staring at the huge screen in front of me.  I teared up.  This was our baby, and she was developing well.  It was too soon to tell the gender then, but I took home with me a whole series of ultrasound pictures.  They gave me about 10!  We were able to determine the results of the testing right then and there, and thankfully, Toddler Heels had scored as low as you can go for being at risk for Down’s Syndrome and Trisomy 18.

My husband couldn’t come with me this 2nd time around.  Even though this is my 2nd pregnancy, it hasn’t really quite hit me yet that there’s a baby human inside me.  It hasn’t felt real up to this point because my shape hasn’t changed drastically, I can still wear all my normal clothes and button up my jeans.  With my first trimester symptoms pretty much gone I feel even more like my normal, non-pregnant self.  But once again, when I walked into that room, heard the intense heartbeat, and was shown all the little details of my baby, it finally hit me again that this baby is real.  It’s going to be ours, and it’s growing just as it should.  It again tested negative for all chromosomal abnormalities, which I’m thankful for, but even if it didn’t… we would not change our minds about having this baby.

Here’s Baby #2!  I already think he/she already so different from Noelle’s ultrasound based on the profile.  Noelle’s ultrasound seemed to have softer, rounder features with a button nose whereas this one seems to have sharper, more angled features and a more prominent nose (kind of looks like my husband’s!).  Any guesses on what the gender might be based on the nub theory?  I’m honestly not even sure where the nub is.

When did your pregnancy start feeling more real to you?

3 thoughts on “Starting to Feel Real

    • no, the appt you missed out on was a standard ob appt that was really uneventful! it’s a good thing you didn’t go. this is a separate, specialized appointment and i had to go to a place in laguna hills to get it done.

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