Duh, Mommy!

This past week was tough on the High Heels household.  First, Mr. Heels got sick, then Toddler Heels got sick, and finally… Mama Heels got sick.  I guess it could’ve been worse; this was just a normal cold running its course and none of us really experienced any high fevers.  The highest temp I logged on Baby Heels was 99.2 degrees.  However, it’s still no fun to be a family of sickos.  😦

Thankfully, Toddler Heels chose this week to come out of her clingy, needy phase and started to become much more independent than she had in months!  This alleviated some of the stress.  She would play on her own while I was free to just sit back and watch.  And despite her cold, she was in great spirits!

Sick but happy!

Excuse the black box…

This sweet face keeps me going when the going gets rough

A story from today – this morning, Noelle was eating chicken soup for breakfast.  I saw that she was dipping her fingers in the soup to get to the chicken and carrot bits instead of using her spoon.  Hoping to outsmart her to get her to use her spoon I said, “Why aren’t you using your spoon?  We can’t drink soup without a spoon, now can we?”… She looked up and gave me a funny look.  Then says, “like dees [this]”… and lifted her bowl to her lips and drank away.

You got me, girl!  I surrender.

Noelle 1, Mommy 0

3 thoughts on “Duh, Mommy!

  1. My dear baby Chin, you are so lucky to have such a great Mom. And you do look like her too! Especially the sweet faces in the bath.

    Love you, My dear Ange, how can you do so many things!!!

    Mom and Grandma (forgot this title all the time)
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