A Father’s Day with Friends

This Father’s Day, I planned a full weekend celebration. To start, we got together with some friends to do a joint Father’s Day event. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with friends.  After all, it takes a village.  So our Saturday was spent BBQing and relaxing at our friends’ beautiful, newly remodeled, rustic home. Noelle had taken an extra-long morning nap, so she was well-rested and we didn’t worry about skipping her afternoon nap.

As soon as she woke, we moseyed on over to our friends’ place. We brought scalloped potatoes, 6-layer dip, fresh fruit, and baked salmon. This was on top of the array of goodies waiting for us – thick slabs of juicy Ribeye, gourmet chicken and pork sausages, grilled squash and zucchinis, and roasted red and yellow peppers. I was foaming at the mouth.

We all have 2011 babies, with just a few months between them. One of us is pregnant with her 2nd, the other is done (with 4 kids ranging from 1 to 12 years), and she means it.  Me?  Well… we’ll see… Life’s just begun.

The children played.  The dad’s ate.  And I climbed a tree.

After we recovered from our food coma, we decided to strap up our kiddos and walk over to another friend’s place a mile down.  They had just brought home a newborn.  Another baby added to the fun.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful, sacrificial Daddies out there.

We appreciate you for all you are, and all that you do.


4 thoughts on “A Father’s Day with Friends

    • yup – it’s all maclaren strollers! but the one noelle’s sitting in is a borrowed one. we didn’t bring our stroller that day, so a neighbor lent us theirs. 🙂

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