16-Month Update

Noelle is an absolute delight, and I can’t get enough.  Granted, I’m the mom so there’s obvious bias, but this 12-16 month stage has been my absolute favorite!  Please don’t end.  I’m scared to death of what’s to come as Noelle approaches her “terrible two’s” and “treacherous three’s”.  I guess I’ll cross that road when it comes.

(it’s so hard for me to catch her in any of her silly/funny moments because as soon as I take out a camera or videocam she stops what she’s doing and lunges towards me, wanting to see what’s behind the lens.  I end up with way too many blurry pictures)

What has she been up to?

  • Playing pretend tea party.  She has a tea set a friend bought her for her 1st birthday, so she’ll take the teapot and pour it into a cup.  As she pours, she makes this funny “do do do do do” noise.  Then she’ll pretend to drink from a cup with a big “sluuuurp” noise.  Then she’ll pass the cup to me, her daddy, and her doggies so we can all have a taste.
  • Decorating her bears.  Today, as I was folding clothes… she was playing nearby with her bear.  I glanced over and found a very focused Noelle trying to put a necklace on her bear.
  • Decorating herself.  She loves to dig through my closet and prance around in scarves, belts, and whatever else she can find.  She doesn’t always put it on correctly, but she makes a good effort.
  • Pretend makeup.  She usually plays by my side as I get ready for work in the mornings.  She always sees me put on makeup, so now she copies me by grabbing a brush of her own and brushing it against her cheeks.
  • Toddling around all over the place.  She has really strong balance and coordination now and can even run!
  • Imitation.  She loves to imitate us and try to pronounce new words.

(accessorizing her bear with necklaces)

(checking herself out!)

(sharing her goodies with daddy)

This stage is the best because she has her own personality, but she’s still eating everything in sight, sleeping 12 hours straight, napping 2x a day, still wanting mommy but is also enjoying daddy, kicking the stranger anxiety habit… and not quite “mature” enough to throw tantrums to get her own way.  To me, it feels like the perfect marriage between the infant stage and the terrible two/three stage.

(trying to get her way using her pouty face weapon)

It’s true what they say… the days are long, but the years are short.  Sometimes I stare and stare at my girl, trying to soak all of her in.  I look at her and think, “Are you real?  Are you mine?… and I, am yours?”.  I try to burn each part of her into memory before they escape me – the feel of her baby skin, the rolls on her thighs and wrists and arms, the roundness of her cheeks.  Then there’s the funny way she toddles about on those short stubby baby legs, and that look of delight when she discovers something new… She’s exhausting sometimes, but I can’t get enough of her.  It’s strange what parenthood does to a person.  I love you I love you I love you.  I don’t think I can say it enough… those three words only skim the surface of what I feel inside.

Went to the Pediatrician this month (will put up stats when I get less lazy):

75th percentile height | 50th percentile weight


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