Towards Greener Pastures…

Whenever we have a free Saturday, we all bundle up in the car to go “on an adventure” (as I like to tell Noelle) to our local farmer’s market.  With its abundance of locally grown greens, free-range eggs, homemade pastries, and other goodies, there is something there for everyone.  As we were perusing the maze of fresh veggies, we came upon a man selling a variety of potted herbs and vegetables.  We’ve often passed by him, but never really made the effort to look.  I don’t know what made us stop today – it might’ve been his kind eyes and open smile or perhaps it was the way he was gently tending to his plants.  Whatever it was, we left with three budding plants for a whopping $5.

We stopped by a nursery (not the baby kind, the plant kind) on our way home  to pick up some tools and fertilizer.  Armed with our new gear, we were ready to tackle our little garden.

the lady at the nursery recommended a box of Sure Start fertilizer for our veggies.  The box looks small, but you only need a few teaspoons to mix into the soil so it should last us awhile.

out with the old, in with the new!  we had no empty land so we had to get rid of some flowers – don’t know if we committed a gardening faux pas or not.

patting down the soil so our eggplant will stay put.

someone was very excited to be a part of it all!

she even tried her best to help…

by doing a lil’ jig…

and picking up a phonecall…

or two… she couldn’t hear very well with all the commotion going on.

she even helped us figure out what that hole was REALLY meant for!  (her finger of course)

the final touches – a tomato “cage” to contain the vines and to help them grow tall and mighty

We had a lot of fun gardening together as a family.  Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll be able to show you the result of our efforts.  My husband and I always talked about having our own garden someday, and now that day is here.  Albeit it is a small start, it is a good start… something we cultivated and nurtured together.  A garden we can call our very own.

7 thoughts on “Towards Greener Pastures…

    • thanks fay!… and this is one of the many reasons i always felt so connected to you… you really know how to appreciate the simple things too. 🙂 miss you!

  1. she is the cutest little assistant!!! what a perfect activity to do as a family. we’ve been meaning to start a little garden but haven’t had a chance to. you’ve totally inspired me! =)

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