Noelle’s Dol | 1st Birthday!

Long overdue, but here are the highlights from Noelle’s 1st Birthday… my super talented friend took all these photos, and my other super talented friend made the amazing cake!

I tried to keep Noelle’s birthday party lively + fun, but simple at the same time.  We decided to do an UP! themed Dol at home.  It’s one of my favorite Pixar movies, the wife of Carl is named “Ellie”, and I figured it would be doable with lots of balloons and bright colors everywhere.  Not to mention Noellie is in a huge balls and balloons phase.  We also had all our guests dress up in UP! appropriate attire.  Everyone looked great in their suspenders, ties, and cute party dresses.

The head table – nothing too fancy.

What do you think she chose?

At the time, she had just discovered her nose.  😛

Now she can point out her ears, head, knees, nose, eyes, and belly button.

Hello, sweet girl!  She was in such good spirits that day… she must’ve known it was her birthday.

Sharing a moment

This is why I call her my “pouty face”

Drooly face

She chose the pencil!  Maybe she’ll be a future novelist…

Her buddies – Nathan and Selah~

Photography: Jim Kang Photography
Doljabi Board: Dohl Posters & More
Decor: Oriental Trading Co. and Party City
Food: Catered from Zion Market
Cake: the super talented Nancy Lim


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