Babbly this Babbly that

Her words so far:

mama = mah-ma
apple = app-poh
daddy = dad-djeee
doggy = duh-ggiee
door = d-hoo-r
socks = sh-ocks
shoes = shoo-oohs
what’s that? = wat-ss dat?
opposites = ah-poh-this
up! = ah-p!

I love the way she drawls out her words.. so soft and delicious! My own mom always looved to smooch me on the mouth growing up… and she even does it now though I’m a grown woman!  I always go, “MOH-OM!!” but I just let her because I like to pick my battles. My sister NEVER let’s my mom kiss her like that and will say, “that’s disgusting!”. But gosh, I think my daughter is soo delicious that I can’t stop kissing her on the lips and cheeks and tummy and all over! I get the appeal now.  She’s so eatable.


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