Handmade: Petit Plume

My incredibly talented friend recently made me a box full of beautiful hairpieces for Noelle.  I just had to tell you guys about her, especially if you have daughters you love to dress up!

She is so talented, and if you look at these pieces up close you’ll see that every part was carefully thought out.  The quality and design is soo much better than most things out there.  She’s been featured in tons of magazines and wedding blogs, and she actually designed my wedding hairpiece too.  Not only that, but 15% of all sales go towards Human Trafficking!! Consumerism with a cause – Love it.

So yes, this is my shameless plug for Petit Plume Handmade Accessories!  Here are some pics of her creations on my daughters head.  🙂

Here she is, playing peekaboo again!

BIG SMILE with a mouth full of teeth!

I think she likes the headband 🙂

All the different styles she made for us.

Website: www.petiteplume.com
Blog: petitplume.blogspot.com
Email: petitplumedesigns@gmail.com
Twitter: @petitplume


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