Personalities and Playdates

Noelle’s favorite, frequent playmates.  Both boys.  Uh-oh?

Meet Baby Nathan (10-months) and Baby Luke (7-months)

When they were younger, all three were sleeping, eating, or crying blobs… but now our playdates are getting a lot more fun.  It’s not just for us mommies anymore!  They actually play together (sort of).  Nathan and Luke are still in the play side-by-side stage, but since Noelle is a couple months older she is more aware of other babies now.

I noticed that Noelle is very gentle when she plays.  She doesn’t fight over toys or climb over the other kids, and when I say “share” she understands and hands her toys over willingly.  She’s actually pretty obedient in general.  That makes me a really proud mama.  She was totally acting the part of the older sister around these two boys!

As for N’s personality – S and I have been very aware of her natural tendencies since Day One.  I am now an even firmer believer that personalities are largely predetermined, though nurture does play a part in teaching us how to control our behaviors.

So what is N like?  Well… in a nutshell, she’s a girl who knows what she wants.  I am hopeful that that will be an incredible asset in the future.  She is focused, determined, persistent, stubborn, impatient, silly, gentle, curious, and introspective.  She is spirited.  She is intelligent.  She is loving.  She is so very feminine.

Her public face is very different from her private one.

With us, she smiles/laughs a lot and does a lot of goofy things.  Shouldn’t surprise me since both me and S are silly people.  She babbles a lot and points at everything.  She is so incredibly aware of her surroundings and wants to know what everything is and how they work.  At the same time, she is hesitant when it comes to approaching the unknown.  I see that she will grow to be a careful/cautious little girl (so different from her mama); I am already grateful for this quality because I hope she makes wiser decisions than me.

But the moment she’s around strangers, she shuts up.  She is silent – so quiet and serious and does not warm up to new people easily.  She starts sucking on her two middle fingers and begins the quick retreat into her own internal world.  She stares and stares and I wonder what goes through that baby mind of hers.

I love this picture because Nathan’s mom and I always joke around that our kiddos are “saved” for each other.  They’ve been “betrothed” since they were still in the womb.  Nathan + Noelle… doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?  Here he is already on his knees.  Noelle is paying him no mind.  That’s how it should be little girl… 😉


5 thoughts on “Personalities and Playdates

    • hahaha aliya = kevin in EVERY way, personality too?? LOL if she didn’t come out of your hoo-ha i might actually question if she’s even yours. 😛 jk… she looks like you sometimes too but is definitely 90% kevin!

  1. Claire is like this too — very silly, loud, and outgoing at home, and very shy and withdrawn when we’re out (or when visitors come over). And I totally agree that personalities are predetermined!

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