12-Month Update

So you’ve made it through 12-months of updates with me – Congratulations!  From here on out, I won’t be posting anymore monthly updates.  My baby is growing up!  We celebrated her 1st birthday last weekend and it was great!  Separate post on that later.  For now, let’s see what my baby girl has been up to this last month…

First Cold: towards the end of December, Noelle caught her first cold!  She had a fever of about 100.3 for two days, but was still in good spirits.  If it wasn’t for the runny nose, I wouldn’t even have thought anything was wrong.  We fed her a low dose of baby Tylenol about once a day for 2 days to help ease the discomfort and the cold left as quickly as it came.

Feedings: I am still thoroughly confused about how to approach feeding my daughter.  Now that she’s one, I’m supposed to gradually wean her from the bottle and transition her to whole milk.  I cut down one of her bottles, so she only drinks from her bottle 3x a day and gets 3 meals of solids (breakfast, lunch, dinner) on top of that.  I try to get her to drink whole milk from a sippy cup but she doesn’t like it and spits it right out once she realizes it’s not water.  I’m nervous about getting rid of more bottles because what if she doesn’t get enough to eat during the day?

So I did what any modern-day mom would do – I turned to my friend Google.  I weeded through several pages of Google search results, but these were the links I found most useful:

Here’s a rough idea of what her eating schedule is like now:

  • 7am (wake) – 6 oz bottle
  • 8am (breakfast) – usually eggs, apple slices, and cut up PBJ.
  • 12pm (lunch) – porridge, etc.
  • 3pm – 6 oz bottle
  • 5pm (dinner) – chicken/fish, yogurt, etc.
  • 7pm (before bed) – 6 oz bottle

Sleeping: Some nights she sleeps like a CHAMP!  But other nights, like last night… she wakes up crying/screaming for no apparent reason (almost always around 5am).  The room was warm & cozy, she didn’t have a poopy, and she drank a full bedtime bottle so I ruled out hunger.  She just wanted to be held for 5-10 minutes before knocking out again.  She does this a few times a week.  I guess like all things parenting, you never know what you’re gonna get.  If someone has an idea why this is happening, I’m all ears!

Learning/Playing: She still LOVES playing peekaboo and has more interest in adult gadgets (like my tripod for one) than her colorful, cute toys.  Here’s a blurry pic (kicking myself for not getting a clear picture) of her playing peekaboo with no one in particular… then she gets super excited and starts clapping to herself!

She also continues to imitate everything we do.  Sometimes if she’s doing something, but I’m not doing it… she’ll grab and lift up my hand as if motioning for me to follow along with her.  She’s also really good at imitating our words.

Recently, I read an interesting post about incorporating teachable moments throughout the day – I didn’t know there was a formal study on this, but I guess I was already doing some of this in my own way.  When I do anything with her, I walk through what we’re doing – “Mommy is putting on your socks”, “It’s diaper change time”, “what’s that blue, round thing?”.  When she wants to be held, as I’m about to lift her up into my arms I go “UP!”.  Whenever she is about to do/touch something she isn’t supposed to, I use a very low, serious tone.  Even if babies can’t understand all our words, I figure they can at least understand our intonations and body language.  Thus, I try to be as expressive and verbal as possible when communicating with my girl.

She also LOVES climbing the stairs.  She is SO good at it and can climb super fast.  How they do that?  We finally put gates on the top of the stairwell.

“Neener neener neener… Catch me if you can!”

Words: So far she can say – Apple, Socks, Up, Opposites, What’s that? (including the question mark tone), Hi, Bye, Doggy, Daddy, and Mommy.

This month, her growth and height somehow evened out and she’s now around the 50th percentile for both.  She must’ve inherited her Daddys’ korean head though because it’s still at the 75th percentile.  Hope she doesn’t topple over, lol!  (Korean’s are stereotypically known for their big heads).

A sneak peek of her in her 1st birthday outfit:

Her growth – revisited:

4-months: 15 lbs 10 oz (90%) | 25 3/4 inches (92%) | 41 1/2 cm (50%)
6-months: 18 lbs 2 oz. (90%) | 27 1/2 inches (95%) | 44 cm (75%)
9-months: 19 lbs 2 oz. (50%) | 28 1/2 inches (75%) | 46 cm (75%)
12-months: 21 lbs 4 oz (50%) | 29 1/4 inches (55%) | 46 1/2 cm (75%)


4 thoughts on “12-Month Update

  1. Noelle can say “opposites”!!?! That’s amazing!
    I can’t believe she’s already 1, Ange. (Happy birthday, Noelle!!) And that I haven’t met her yet. She’s so sweet and smart, just like mommy. 🙂

    • she learned that word from a book we read to her, titled “Opposites”. we don’t think she knows what it means though! you can come visit anyyytime… it’s been too long! 🙂 cliche… but time really does fly…

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