11-Month Update

These days, the biggest thing that stands out to me is that she’s imitating us a lot.  We clap, she claps.  We wave, she waves.  We pound the floor, she pounds the floor.  We brush her hair, she (tries) to brush her hair.  It’s a really fun stage!  She also figured out how to climb the stairs!

Toys: Haven’t bought her any new toys lately because she prefers playing with non-toys anyway… I let her play with paper, cardboard boxes, tupperware, silverware… our whole house is one big toy to her!  I’m hoping her imagination will emerge on its own and she’ll find creative ways to play around the house.

Even our magazines are considered toys to her.

Play: she’s starting to notice that other babies exist!  We are having a baby boom at our church so people are having babies left and right all around her age.

Sleep: earlier this month, she was sleeping an hour later so we thought she naturally adjusted her bedtime… giving us free reign to eat leisurely dinners and hangout without feeling rushed to get home for bedtime, but a couple weeks later she went back to her regular bedtime.  She must’ve been going through a developmental stage or something.  She will stand and cry when we first leave the room, but we’ve learned that if we don’t go in she will knock out within 15 minutes every time.  I do prefer her sleeping earlier because honestly, it’s really really nice to have quiet/alone time at the end of the day.

Milk: she’s officially off the boob juice.  I almost feel guilty for saying I really loved/enjoyed breastfeeding, but I really did.  The early days weren’t easy with the plugged ducts and engorgement, but once we got the hang of it, those quiet moments with her were some of the sweetest parts of my day.  I sometimes beat myself up by not making it to the one year mark, but I’m trying to tell myself that 11 months wasn’t a bad streak.  It is what it is.  At the same time, I have to admit that it feels freeing not feeling rushed to make every feeding and being able to eat/drink whatever I want again.  After next month I’ll have to introduce her to REAL milk!  I don’t even know where to begin with that… does she take it from a bottle?  Straw?  Sippy cup?  Normal cup??

A Little Story – I came home from work and grabbed a delicious honey crisp apple when this little one decided she wanted a bite.  At first I chewed smaller pieces off and finger fed it in her, but that wasn’t good enough for my fiesty girl.  She wanted the WHOLE thing… and proceeded to munch it TO THE CORE!  I should’ve taken a picture of what was left of this apple.

Can’t just plop her down and expect her to sit still anymore.  Gotta bribe her with another “toy” (aka our Flip Cam).  A minute later, she was in my face!…

I can’t resist this smile… she’s my favorite.

Can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with her!  I’m also trying to plan her 1-year birthday, which is kind of a big deal in Korean culture.  It’s stressful – I’m not good at throwing events… I hated planning my wedding too.


5 thoughts on “11-Month Update

  1. Omg N is getting so big so fast! Girls are definitely faster at learning new things than boys… And cuter. Hehe.
    Are you feeding her formula in sippy right now? J didn’t like sippy too much and he started hating bottles so we skipped over to straw cup around 11 months. We give him water and regular whole milk in a straw cup still.
    Ahhh i really want to meet N!!!

    • i’m feeding her from a bottle right now – i’ve been away from her a few times so she took breastmilk from a bottle every once in awhile and when we switched to formula she didn’t have a problem with it. she drinks water from a straw sippy cup right now though so she knows how to use a straw. i heard you can do half formula half milk from a bottle and slowly transition to only milk too so i might try that. then only give her milk through a straw sippy or even a regular cup (if i’m bold enough to deal with the accidents). i want to meet J tooo!!! we should have a playdate if you’re ever in the area!! they’re not too far in age!

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