Guest Blogging at Geek In Heels

I’m guest blogging over at Geek In Heels today while she is on “maternity leave”!  This is one of my favorite blogs and I’ve followed along faithfully for years so of course I happily accepted when she asked me to write something for her.  I was a mere lurker the first few years, but finally had the courage to come out of hiding one day.  She posts the funniest illustrations and other interesting things that she’s found from trekking around the web.  She also hosts some of the coolest giveaways (think Amazon gift cards, BB cream, and iPads!).  I can relate to her because she has a daughter only a few months older than Noelle, and she just gave birth to another beautiful baby girl.  She is one of the most honest, candid, and refreshing voices on the web (imo).  Thanks for featuring me, Jenny!


3 thoughts on “Guest Blogging at Geek In Heels

  1. I’m so proud of you! great post over at geek in heels Ange! thx for sharing that article with me. i too think we mamas need to give ourselves a break and enjoy today, being present with our kids. after reading the article i totally did the same and gave luke a big long hug with many kisses. The inner strength that bursts forth within mamas is amazing…

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