10-Month Update

After this update, I’ll be anxiously waiting for her.first.steps.  She seems really close to walking on her own!  So I will be armed with my videocam wherever she roams these next few weeks.  In the meantime, let’s see what she’s been up to in the days preceding month 10…

Milestones: shortly after she turned 9-months, she advanced from her belly “army” crawl to an “on-her-knees” crawl.  She is also good at “walking” if she has something to hold onto.  We bought her the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon to help her walk and she’s become quite good at pushing that thing around all on her own!  I love this walker because it has stoppers on the wheels so the thing doesn’t roll away from her.  It’s also made out of great quality, sturdy wood so she can easily pull herself up and not have it topple over on her.

Toys: besides the walker, I also bought a Rockabye rocker that was on sale on Zulily – it got pretty good reviews on Amazon for the fraction of the cost so I thought why not… plus it was SO CUTE, I couldn’t resist.  Cute colors, prints, patterns… there are too many adorable baby things out there and I’m a sucker for them all.

She’s so happy in her rocker… it plays music too!

Words: she can say a total of 4 words – mama, baba (dad in chinese), apple, and opposites.  Yea, that last one is strange huh??  Of all the words she could be saying right now.  We think it’s because we read her Sandra Boynton’s Opposites a lot.  She says it more like this though… “OP-PO-THIS”.

Happy 10-months baby girl!  Mama loves you!


11 thoughts on “10-Month Update

  1. that last picture is SO SWEET, it satisfies my sweet tooth for the rest of the week! ill just keep staring at noelle in her cutie lil dress and headband!!

  2. OMG you dress her so well! LOL. She’s such a cute, bubbling cutie!! I cannot wait to spend more time and get to know her 🙂 So funny how she calls her Korean American dad “baba” in Chinese! LOL. That would be even more hilarious if she started calling you “umma” (Mom in Korean.)

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