Our Halloween Festivities!

WARNING: Massive picture post ahead!

Let me tell you the story of how we ended up with NO candy this first of many Halloweens…

Our fun weekend began with a playdate with some other 2011 mommies!  We sat around my friend’s living room and ate on the floor picnic style while our kids roamed.  Ok – just mine because theirs are still relatively immobile.  Noelle was up in the wires and cords somewhere chewing and climbing everything in sight.  I apologized for the drool-fest.

 The four mama’s!  One baby was napping, and the other in NICU.  We all have daughters!

This girl – forget the colorful, music-playing toys!  She always veers towards the dangerous/forbidden objects.

Two beautiful mama’s and their adorable babies.

On the 30th, we went to a children’s museum in our city that allows kids to “play pretend”.  They have all different areas set up where kids can pretend they’re construction workers, cooks, gardeners, nurses, etc.  This will be fun to bring Noelle to when she’s older, but for now it was just another excuse for us to dress our kids up and get them candy.

When I looked online, it seemed like they’d have tons of activities, including a time for kids to go around getting candy.  Unfortunately, when we got there, we discovered they were only passing out PENCILS!  Talk about feeling jipped.  So we just let the kids crawl around and it made for some good photo ops.  EXCEPT, in my rush to get there I forgot to put the battery in my Nikon SLR.  My point-and-shoot just doesn’t cut it when it comes to trying to capture rambunctious kiddos.  Sorry for the blurrr…

We walked in and Noelle went straight for the pole!  Should I be worried?

Don’t let the calmness in the right image deceive you.  She is merely assessing her surroundings to look for the next thing she can pounce on.

She found a ducky twin!

They were both around the same age and crawling at the same pace in parallel.  I wish I caught it on video!

Then my girl started trying to CLIMB the other ducky.  Oh dear…

One ducky and one ladybug please!

My family 🙂

On the actual day of Halloween, I took the day off so I could spend Noelle’s 1st halloween with her!  There isn’t much for infants to do at night and Noelle has a pretty early bedtime, so we opted out of “real” trick-or-treating this year.  Instead, my friend and I decided to dress our babies up and just walk around the mall.  We heard the stores would be passing out candy… what they didn’t tell us was that the stores only passed out candy after 5pm.  FAIL.  Oh well!  At least we found another reason to dress the babes up and hangout!

We started with lunch at an adorable, artsy fartsy cafe.  Noelle’s having a hard time deciding what to eat for lunch.

Life is tough kid.

Then her buddy showed up!  All smiles!

This is what I call “California Cuisine”… it’s still summer here!

What up, Jigga!  (I think she gets it from her dad)

I spy a munchkin flippin’ the bird…….

That’s the tale of how good intentions led to NO candy for one ducky and one ladybuggy.

Happy Halloween!

7 thoughts on “Our Halloween Festivities!

  1. Late comment but Ahhh~!!! SO cute! Noelle looks adorAble as a lil ducky!! and her lady bug friend is too cute~! what a fun day it looked like! and yes, keep her away from the pole! lol~~and boo for no candy…

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