Cloth Diapering 2.0 – Let’s Try this Again!!

Because Cloth Diapering 1.0 was a FAIL… in the sense that I never even bothered despite all my research on it.  After the baby was born, I was too tired to focus on cloth diapering.  The idea of adding another thing to the laundry was not appealing at all.  Plus I was really turned off by how bulky cloth diapers seemed to be, especially compared to a teensy tiny newborn!

Now that Noelle is 9-months, I want to try again… and so far so good!  My friend Katie has been cloth diapering her newborn and I was convinced to give it another shot.  A fellow blogger mom friend of mine also had lots of great tips to offer.  It’s actually been a lot of fun – who woulda thunk.  Plus I feel so much better knowing my baby’s booty is in something soft and plush vs. something scratchy and rough.  I wasn’t a fan of the tiny crystals that appeared on her bum every so often from the chemicals in the disposals.

Here are the upfront costs from my initial purchases:

Not too bad right?  Here’s my stash:

I got used Bumgenius’ so they were only $20 for 4 (normally $100+ for 6).  I bought one of each brand to see which ones I’d prefer.  I heard from many moms that their biggest regret with cloth diapering is going all in with one brand and not searching around.  With 26 inserts and 8 covers I got triple the amount of inserts than I did covers.  Usually it’s the inserts that get dirty, but you can use the covers over and over until a blow-out or leak happens.

I also invested in a diaper sprayer too.  It’s something you attach to your toilet so when you get a poopy diaper you just blast the poop right off into the toilet without ever having to touch it.

Once I opened all my cloth diapers, I threw them in my top-loader washer (top loaders are better for washing cloth diapers)…

  1. Run the prewash cycle on COLD with NO detergent.
  2. Then do another regular wash cycle on HOT with one scoop of Charlie’s Soap or whatever you use.
  3. Then do one final HOT rinse cycle with NO detergent.
  4. You can throw the inserts in the dryer on a tumble-dry low heat setting.
  5. Line dry the covers, preferably outside in the sun.  The sun has great bleaching powers!

Noelle just started wearing her cloths today so I’ll share more about the process and which diapers are my favorite once we get a rhythm down!


11 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering 2.0 – Let’s Try this Again!!

  1. Hi. I went old fashioned flats, prefolds and covers. Quick dry easy wash. I don’t have hard water so I only cold washed on a long cycle and did a hot maintenance wash once or twice a month. I didn’t need to use mine long but it was the easiest laundry! 🙂

    A tip: I never needed an extra rinse — if you look in the regular rinse and see little to no bubbles you are good to go, if you see lots of suds in the rinse cut the detergent by half until you find the right balance.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • amy! i actually think you’d really LOVE cloth diapers… especially since you’re a SAHM and you like everything simple and efficient. seriously, i can totally see it fitting in with your minimalist lifestyle 🙂

  2. Yay! This makes me happy. I love cloth diapering, and I love how cute Brian looks with a little cloth diaper bum. Once you figure your own system, you’ll save lots of money, especially when/if you have another baby or two. 🙂

    • yess brian’s bum is cute cute cute! even though i started a few months late, i think i’ll still save so much money in the long run… i’ll keep you posted on how it all goes!

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