Parents Playing Favorites

Time Magazine recently released an article about parents and favoritism – “Playing Favorites: Why Mom Likes You (or One of Your Siblings) Best”.

As a first time mom with only one child, I can’t speak from personal experience.  However, it does weigh on me when I think about having a second or third child and wonder if I’ll love them as much as I love my first.

It’s so easy for me to relate to my daughter already because she is SO much like me!  It was so easy to tell her personality from the getgo… I didn’t even need to wait for her personality to “emerge”.  These are some things that make it so easy for me to relate – 1) she is the firstborn (just like me)  2) her personality is so much like mine – she is feisty and independent and explores with fearlessness.  3) she gets impatient when she doesn’t get to her goal right away.  When I see that I laugh because I totally understand her frustration!!

My heart warmed to some of these parent responses to the question NPR posed, “Parents, we’re asking you to fess up: Do you have a favorite child? Did your parent(s) have a favorite?”

I can only hope to be that kind of parent.  To be able to see the uniqueness in each of my children and make them each my favorite in their own special way.  By the way, not all the responses were this “neutral” – a ton of parents freely admitted to having clear favorites or of being the favorite!

What do you think?  Are we doomed by our human nature to play favorites?  Do you have a favorite?  ARE you your parents’ favorite?


One thought on “Parents Playing Favorites

  1. so funny that recently ive been telling tae that i wonder how i’ll love our other kiddos later on. will luke be my favorite? i dunno! i really like the thought of each child being a favorite in different ways. and i feel like with all their different personalities, we’ll be able to love each of them for who they are. i cant wait to see what that’ll be like! 🙂 although i think im my parents favorite. kekeke.

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