9-Month Update

All I can think about lately is the 9-month sleep regression my baby is going through.  She’s been waking up at night again for the last week, and she’s also going through a round of teething.  We think the teeth next to her two top teeth are growing in, but I can’t be sure because she’ll bite me hard if I try to stick my fingers in her mouth.

Milestones: she is really good at maneuvering herself from belly to sitting to standing.  She likes to “cruise” (with mama’s help) from location to location.  She’s quite the active little fireball.  One morning, we found her standing in her crib so we had to lower the crib to the lowest setting.  My MIL told us that when S was a baby, he climbed out of his crib and plunged headfirst into the floor once.  I might have a heart attack if that happened to Baby N.

She started waving “hi” and “bye” shortly after she turned 8-months and now does it nonstop.  It’s safe to say that her first word is “bye”.  She understands “hi”, “bye”, and “no!”.

Usually I’ll take her on a short walk around the block when I come home from work and she’ll start waving at a random stranger or dog or tree (lol) that she sees from afar.  She is mesmerized by nature (just like mama) and she’ll quietly murmur to herself as she gently touches flower petals, tree bark, and leaves.  She lifts her chin up and closes her eyes whenever she feels the wind come by.  It’s become one of my favorite times of day.  It’s interesting observing life from the perspective of an infant… everything is new and wonderful and enchanting.

We know she understands the word “no” because whenever she goes near cords or something she shouldn’t, we’ll say “no, that’s dangerous” in a very serious, disapproving tone.  She’ll hesitate for a few seconds as if weighing her options, then turn away and find something else to preoccupy herself with.

Eating: she’s still eating anything and everything we give her.  We implemented a combination of Baby Led Weaning and purees in her 8th month.  For breakfast and lunch we’ll let her feed herself a variety of solids (apple slices, scrambled egg yolks, tofu, toast…).  In the late afternoon we’ll still spoonfeed her fruit/veggie purees.

Compare the two different feeding experiences.  BLW in a high chair on the left and purees in her Bumbo on the right.  Since she insists on grabbing the spoon, feeding her purees have become no easy feat.

One thing’s for sure though… she loves food and so far she hasn’t been picky about anything we’ve given her.

As happy as can be!

We went to the pediatrician’s today and was surprised to hear that N’s weight dropped to the 50th percentile.  She’s still a tall one though and remains in the 90th percentile for height.  All that crawling, climbing and exploring melted the chubchubs away.  So she can fit comfortably into 6-month and 9-month sized onesies, but when it comes to pants or PJ’s with legs we have to size up to 12-months.

This month she wised up and is showing PoohBear who’s boss!  She knows her place in the circle of life now… 😉

19 lbs 2 oz | 28.5 inches | 46 cm

50% | 90% | 75%


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