7-Month Update

I’m a little behind on this month’s update!  I’ve been busy trying to keep up with the little one.  She’s more active now and needs less daytime sleep… meaning shorter naps for her and no naps for me!  Wah.  I’ve been trying to sleep earlier though – I try to go to bed by 11:30pm at the latest, which is a big deal for me.

It’s great that munchkin has a full head of hair, but the problem is that it’s so hard to do anything with it. Headbands don’t seem to look right and she’s sportin’ a mullet these days.  She loves my crappy pink computer – I can’t wait til it dies on me, but at least it’s good for something (keeping her preoccupied)!


Milestones: She’s sitting better now.  She can sit unassisted for brief moments before toppling over, but still needs some guidance.  She’s a strong one and can even escape the Bumbo despite her chunky thighs!  Geez!!  She can’t crawl yet (though she tries), but she can maneuver herself around the room by rolling this way and that.  She also wants to climb everything… see Exhibits 1 & 2:

Spider-girl in the making!

My little explorer.  I don’t know what it is about this table that she loves so much.

Look at the determination and focus on her little face!  She’s persistent when it comes to reaching her next destination.

Her two bottom teeth have fully grown in, but no signs of other teeth yet.  I tried to take a picture but failed.  We’ve been brushing them with water twice a day to keep them strong and healthy.

Foodwise, she’s not picky.  We started her with Earth’s Best rice cereal, and have since then added cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, green beans, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, and avocados.  She eats it all.  We often mix and match.  I haven’t introduced any fruits to her diet yet.  Along with the purees, I’ve also been teaching her how to drink water from a sippy cup.  She’s slowly getting the hang of it.

She’s so tall… I bet she could pass for a toddler if only she knew how to walk!  At least I know all those nutrients are going somewhere.

It’s so easy to get her to smile/laugh now.  She is also learning to string together consonants.  I’ve admitted defeat and have to say that her first words were “baba”, which means dad in Chinese.  She’s also been saying “umma” a lot, which means mom in Korean.  SO FUNNY because her dad is korean and I’m chinese… so she’s got it all backwards!  However, in the last several days she’s been using varying forms of “mom” – mama, oh-ma, um-ma while reaching for me.  It makes me think she might actually know the meaning to the word!

Other than that…

We’ve been dealing with baby eczema on her face for all 7-months of her life now.  You can see that it’s really only on her cheeks:

The flare-ups come and go and we have no idea what triggers it.  Since it’s only on her face our pediatrician ruled out food allergies.  She thinks it’s a topical problem from detergent or fragrances.

I’m skeptical that the eczema could be just a detergent thing though cuz then wouldn’t she be getting it on her body too??  Her arms and legs are just as exposed as her face!  I don’t get it.  Right now we put some medicine on her face on an off-on basis.  After we wash her face we’ll put on some Elidel, followed by CeraVe.

She’s so squirmy now, it wasn’t easy getting a pic of her sitting still.  Here she is playing tug-o’-Pooh

She’s practically double Pooh in height now!  Was there really a time when she was smaller than him?  Where did my baby go?

No pediatrician visit or stats this month.

11 thoughts on “7-Month Update

  1. she’s growing so big! I love all your pictures, especially the one where she’s half laying on the playpen sucking on a toy with a leg up in the air!

      • My little darling is 3 months old and she’s the apple of my eye. I can’t seem to stop cuddling and babying her! I love reading your blog because I can relate to a lot of topics you cover – cloth diapers, breastfeeding, raising/nurturing, parenting styles, etc. I’m following your path just 4 months behind, it’s great to see what to look forward too!

  2. So very cute! Loving the pics! Alexander is 7 months in a couple of days and is a super chilled baby. I absolutely love this age, they are soo much fun to play with! He is very talkative and is a big squealer and also says ‘baba’ as well, much to daddy’s delight…although I don’t think that its intentional! Thankfully, Alex is not too mobile yet! How is bfeeding with two little teeth? Also, really interested in the reasoning behind not introducing fruit yet?

    Alex has mild-severe eczema since 3 months old. He gets it on his face mainly (including itchy eyes) but sometimes also on his chest/back and creases on arms & legs. We tried everything and anything and yes, the only thing that clears it up really well is the hydrocortisone cream. A friend recommended a dermatologist which I was lucky enough to get an appointment with and she introduced a new regime & cream that has work wonders. We then did a skin prick allergy test that showed a high allergy to egg whites. He was getting the protein strands through my breast milk!! Since I have stayed clear from eggs, his eczema has settled but since starting solids, it comes back now and then so my guess he is pretty sensitive to certain foods.

    Anyway, feel free to PM me so we can chat further and I can let you know what I do to keep Alex’s eczema at bay.

  3. Have you tried Aveeno products, not the regular lotions but different products?
    I’ve used their calamine lotion for red weepy mosquito bites and cold sore ointment for cold sore and they were very effective.

  4. My little girl, Aly, had eczema splotches on her cheeks for the first 9 months too. We couldn’t figure it out until our Pediatrician suggested that it was a sensitivity to citrus. I stopped feeding her anything tart (mangoes, blueberries, etc) and stopped eating citrus myself and it cleared up almost instantly. 🙂

    BTW, I totally feel you on the hair, Aly has lots of hair but it’s not long enough to do anything with, lol.

      • Aww, thanks! The camera caught us on a good day 🙂

        Coincidentally, if you look closely, you can see the eczema splotches on her cheeks in the pic. FYI, your pediatrician ruled out allergies but sensitivities are different. Allergies are an immune-related while sensitivities are physical reactions to irritants. I also have eczema and it’s localized to my hands regardless of where the original irritant contact is. The whole eczema business is so frustrating, good luck finding it’s source.

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