From SAHM to Working Mama

Today marks a new transition.  I got THE job!

I’m finally at a place where I’m comfortable leaving my baby with someone else so I started job searching about a month ago.  There was this one job in particular that I really wanted and had been praying about nonstop ever since the first callback.  My final interview was last Tuesday so every day since then this job has been on the back of my mind.

My MIL knew I was anxious and dying to know the outcome so we actually had a long conversation about it this morning.  She reminded me to trust in God’s plans regardless of what the outcome is – that what we may think is good for us may not always be true.  That if I didn’t get the job, it just means He has something better in store.  Those words gave me a lot of peace.  It helped temper my hopes and I think had I been rejected I would have felt less defeated.

However, after weeks of interviewing and waiting… I finally got THE call today with confirmation that I did get the job!  My #1 priority was that the job be local so that I could be near my baby.  The commute would only be 10-15 minutes without traffic.  The work/life balance is also great, meaning I can work from home a couple times a week AND I can set my own hours when I’m in the office (7-4, 8-5, 9-6, etc).  All the other factors – company, culture, pay, benefits – are just icing on the cake.

What am I feeling?  Overwhelmed, relieved, excited, nervous, but most of all… I am thankful.

He is so good to me.


6 thoughts on “From SAHM to Working Mama

  1. Many, MANY congrats on the job! I have to say that I too, have been tempted to go back to work, but with another baby on the way it looks like I’ll probably remain a SAHM for at least another year or so.

    P.S. — It is SOOO awesome that you and your MIL can have conversations like that. I wish my in-laws were Christian too, but they are not religious at all and all attempts to talk about Christianity has failed due to the language barrier. 😦

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