6-Month Update

What the… where did half the year go??  Where did my itty bitty bugaboo disappear to?  The rumors are true.  They really do grow up SO FAST!  It’s like I blinked and here we are.

Here’s a video of her today at exactly 6 months – she laughed so much!  I think she’ll be a happy one =)

If I had to use one phrase to describe this month, I would say that it was a month of give and takes.

Good: Sleeping through the night from 7pm-7am. In the last few weeks I haven’t had to wake for a night feeding. It just happened one day and she kept at it.  I hope I didn’t just jinx this by typing it out.
Bad: Her NAPS were shot!  For 2 weeks, she went from amazing 2-hour naps to 45-minute naps. She’d wake herself up by rolling over!  We’re finally getting back on track in the nap department, but it’s still not as good as before…

Good: She’s an expert roller and way more mobile now. Meaning she can entertain herself for longer periods of time. She’s much more independent and wanting to explore on her own without mommy by her side.
Bad: She’s an expert roller and way more mobile now. Waking herself up from all the rolling is no bueno.  I also have to keep an eye out in case she rolls herself into a compromising corner somewhere.

Good: She’s curious and constantly exploring her environment. It’s so much easier to distract her and keep her occupied.
Bad: This same curiosity can be frustrating when breastfeeding. I used to look forward to these quiet moments with her with my eyes closed and head laid back, but these days she’ll want to pull on my hair, touch my face, de-latch at other people’s voices, etc. Ahhh.. FOCUS little one. FOCUS.

I’m sure there’s much more to list, but my foggy mom brain is still not fully checked in!

Milestones: TEETHING.  It’s official.  Bits of sharp, jagged ridges are making their way through her bottom gums.  She hasn’t really displayed any unusual fussiness.  She was a bit cranky for a week, but no night wakings, fevers or anything like that.  We only noticed the teeth because she was chewing on my finger one day and I felt something sharp.

She is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth – books, cardboard, plastic, my phone.  Give her anything and the next second, it’ll be in her mouth.  See what I mean?

A friend gave us this adorable organic “bowling” set… and instead of playing with the toys, she went right for the cardboard container it came in!

We also started solids shortly before her 6-month mark.  I’ll do a separate post on that, but it’s been fun!  I really like making food for her.  I also enjoy seeing her reactions to new tastes and textures.

There were so many great things about this month, but do you know what the greatest thing was?  It’s this…

It’s the way she reaches for me.  It’s the way her face lights up the moment I enter a room.  It’s the way her ears perk up the second she hears my voice.  She is so very aware that I’m her mommy and she loves me most.  =)  It makes it ALL worth it.  I can’t emphasize that enough… ALL of it.  Worth it.  Worth every bit.

I thought this was an appropriate picture given that chewing on inanimate objects was a favorite pasttime of hers this past month.  😛

Just for kicks, I made a fun photostrip of Noelle and her BFF…

18 lbs 2 oz | 27.5 inches | 44 cm

(90% weight | 95% height | 75% head)


7 thoughts on “6-Month Update

  1. ANGE! i cannot believe how big Noelle is already, and omg her hair must grow at the speed of lightning! maybe i should restart facebook just for noelle updates…. hehe. I hope you’re doing well, and hopefully I get to see you and noelle soon – I’m most likely going to cali in the fall. pls send her my love! (and love you too of course heheh)

    • her hair is crazy! i don’t know what to do with that wild mass, lol. let me know when you’re back in cali so we can get together and you can play with noelle! 🙂

  2. Wow your baby is looking big how much does she weigh? We just had our 6 month check up and Mason was 24 lb and 28 in.

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